MARK, channeled by Jonette 

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'MARK' - Your quantum guide to expanding and integrating into the higher dimensions

Join MARK as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound.  These on-going channeled classes are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness. MARK teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary.

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Recent MARK Channeled Events

Purification: Uncharted Realms - Part 2

Purification is the next step in moving on... and as in any major initiation, there will need to be a cleansing.

In Part 2 of Uncharted Realms, MARK and our own guides call upon us to clear the limitations of our personal and collective history. The higher dimensions become more easily accessible to us as we detox our hidden patterns, attachments, and programs. Click below to watch the first class for free!

Preparation: Uncharted Realms-Part 1

Jonette channels MARK in exploring the 12th Dimension. Opening us to nonlinear growth, taking us beyond the boundary of space and time, and moving past our current human perspective.

Join us as a Wayfinder in this massive re-creation in this field of Transcendence.

8 recorded classes. Click below to watch the first class for free!

MARK Intensive: Lifting the Veils

The MARK International Intensive is held every 2 years over the Fall Equinox weekend in the Netherlands.

‘Lifting the Veils: Ascension - the Completion of Karma’ opens your perceptions beyond your normal world to lift you out of survival and into the realization beyond the self. You become upgraded in every way!

Recorded 2-day workshop


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About the Classes

MARK sets up a complex energy formation encompassing each person present in a group or listening to the audio file. This allows all of us to travel together no matter what our experience is. MARK transmits energy to stabilize the group and create space for the exploration of other dimensions. All of the power of the live group is contained and transmitted to the people listening.

Each "Course" is 8 Classes.  Usually, there is a "Series" of 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness.  The Classes tend to follow a similar format of Opening Comments by Jonette, usually one or two MARK Meditations followed by Group Comments and Question & Answer session.

We have provided for FREE the first class of each Course.  Begin with whichever Series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

Select the dimension from the list below, or click a specific Series underneath.

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