MARK channeled by Jonette

Your quantum guide to help you expand and integrate into the higher dimensions.

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"We are building the major circuitry of multidimensional perception"

MARK, channeled by Jonette

ABOUT 'MARK' Your Guide to the Higher Dimensions

Join MARK as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound. Since 1989 Jonette has channeled MARK, an extraordinary non-physical teacher who leads you to easily experience the vastness of which you are capable.

Jonette and MARK are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness exploration. MARK teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary. You can find and maintain these higher states of awareness enabling you to break free of the limitations of your past programs and habits. The states of expanded consciousness are fully grounded in your experience. Your personal energetic field gets continually updated so that these potentials are sustainably integrated into your very being. You know a shift has taken place because you experience it!

After such experiences, you are not the same person and cannot be.


Here are his first words when he came through Jonette:

“I am MARK. I have traveled a great distance in terms of energy. I come to bridge a gap between dimensions unknown. My world is on the other side of time, the other side of matter as you know it. I have come to birth new ideas. I have come in response to the thought requests of the world. I am a teacher and a student of the cosmos.”

White Eagle added:

You must begin awakening to different realities in order to activate the expansion of consciousness that will allow you to know God. The ultimate goal of MARK’s work is to help mankind evolve to states of harmony, oneness, and the creative, infinite energy that you call God. The experiences will be powerful. Imagine having a tremendous, mystical encounter in which you feel joy, bliss, oneness and harmony beyond description. When you come back from that, you will know that a supreme change has taken place. Though you may discount the experience with your words and logic, you are not the same person and cannot be.”

Courses for the Advanced Soul

MARK sets up a complex energy formation encompassing each person - this allows all of us to travel together no matter when or how they listen.  Jonette holds the energy to stabilize the group and create the space for a multi-dimensional experience.

"We feel that the best thing for you to know right now is the unlimited nature of your spirit or soul; that you are not limited by physical existence, personalities or your history. You can each as individuals operate in very multi-faceted dimensions beyond understanding. We want you to begin to believe in miracles, magic, the impossible, the unbelievable, the not-understandable, the improbable. We want mankind as much as possible to break through any barriers of thought."   -  MARK

MARK Monday Classes:

Each "Course" is 8 classes and a "Series" is 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness. Begin with whichever series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

The 11th Dimension Shamballa Consciousness

MARK has been working for over 30 years to bring us through the Gates of Shamballa, the reconnection of Mastery from the etheric plane back into physicality. The experience will expand your inner guidance and knowing, bringing you vibrancy, serenity, and trust.

Experience 'MARK'

We have several classes on audio that you can listen to for free!

What People Are Saying

Join a 'MARK' Group

'MARK' is so powerful that he can only be channeled with a group present

The core 'Mark' group meets in the Denver area. Regular “MARK Experience Groups” meet in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Jutland (Denmark), and a few other cities as well. To start your own “MARK Experience Group” in your area using MARK’s courses, just use your intuition to decide where to begin. It is best to meet weekly or every other week. MARK’s energy is extremely powerful and works more profoundly as the physical size of the group expands.