England Tour Audio Download Package


Package includes:

  • MARK channeling before the journey – audio and transcript.
  • Audios of all recorded channelings and meditations
  • Q & A and discussion sessions, plus mini-seminars by Jonette.



'Virtual’ England Spiritual Tour

Meditations from Jonette’s Magical England Tour

Join us energetically…  Be part of this Magical journey… 

If you missed our tour to England… Don’t worry, you can still experience this amazing spiritual adventure.

Join Jonette as she follow the legends of the Holy Grail, King Arthur, mystical Glastonbury, the priestesses of Avalon… Enter the world of Merlin and the Druids. Experience the energies of ancient power places.

A total of 15 audio downloads of meditations, activations, and discussions from ancient power places, includes:

  • Discovering and activating a forgotten Sun Disc set into the Cove stone at Avebury
  • A meditation at Stonehenge connecting to the stone guardians of the portal between between time and space
  • Pilgrimage to St. Nectan’s Glen with a meditation intended to balance the masculine and feminine
  • An activation to reconnect to Star Beings at Silbury Hill
  • and many more

How does it work?  Jonette sets the intention before each meditation to allow those listening to be a part of the original group’s energy matrix

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