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Dancing Through the Dimensions

An Explorer's Guide to the Quantum Universe

Saturday, January 27th

Soul Body Fusion®

The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond

Glastonbury Tor by Erin Janklow

Spiritual Adventure Tours

Mystical England: Avalon Magic Tour

April 16-23, 2018

Jonette Crowley

International Spiritual Teacher, Author and Channel

'MARK' The Cosmic Guide

Jonette channels 'MARK', a Cosmic Energy, taking you on journeys of multi-dimensional consciousness.  'MARK' is a master at creating experiences in which you instantly know through your own senses the answers to vast universal truths.   Train with "MARK' in-person, on-line or in your home through special workshops, weekly classes and virtual groups.

Soul Body Fusion®

The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond...


Soul Body Fusion® is an International Healing Sensation with Teachers and Courses available all across Europe and in the US.  Watch a free Soul Body Fusion® transmission, buy the best selling book, sign up for a workshop or schedule a private session with Jonette.


Spiritual Adventure Travel

Jonette is known as the 'Spiritual Indiana Jones'.  Several times a year she leads groups on spiritual tours to power places all over the world.  Join a group of spiritual adventurers who have answered the  call of personal growth, service to Mother Earth, and the expansion of consciousness.

Creative Consciousness Education

A 501(c)3 non-profit to support personal growth and spiritual awakening.  Our mission is to inspire and educate, giving people the tools to develop their own spiritual gifts. Donations are used to provide scholarships to individuals for spiritual growth courses and for the production of free videos and events that will be available to people worldwide.  

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Jonette has been called one of the world's purest channels

Jonette travels the globe teaching experiential workshops that are immediately transformational.  Find out 'Where in the World' Jonette is now!

Best Selling Author of The Eagle and The Condor, A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey and Soul Body Fusion: The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond

Schedule a personal session via phone or Skype.  Jonette provides a goldmine of insight, answers and clarity on personal and spiritual questions.


Experience Jonette's powerful meditations, sample classes channeled from 'MARK' and energy transmissions from sacred places around the world.


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Monthly Meditation Subscription

12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening

Get the latest monthly meditations and activations to enhance your personal spiritual growth. Previous meditation packages also available.


Live Stream or Audio Courses

'MARK' The 10th Dimension of "Relativity"

Cosmic Guide, 'MARK' on the cutting edge of consciousness expansion.  Experience higher dimensions to enhance everything about your life.

Energy Enhanced Jewelry

'Solar Grail' and 'Infinite Possibilities' Jewelry

Empowering, Balancing, Healing and Beautiful crystal and silver necklaces and earrings -- Personally Energized by Jonette!


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