Personal Sessions

Appointments with Jonette are usually scheduled between 10 am-3 pm Mountain or 16:00-23:00 Central European.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Client Comments

"I had a personal session with Jonette and I have never sat with someone who is filled with so much joy and her light shines ever so brightly. Jonette answered my questions with clarity and helped me understand many of my spiritual experiences on a very high level. Jonette’s guidance gave me the confidence to allow my spiritual growth to unfold in a way that I know will be magical.
Being in her presence is truly joyful, peaceful and soul knowing."
Lynda ~ Australia

"I came back to myself again...remembering who I am...feeling deep gratitude to be recognized… being seen for the struggles I have been through. It all just landed in the right place in me and resonated deeply. I am deeply thankful for this blissful, loving session." 

Mette ~Denmark

"Jonette was magnificent and I was immediately taken by her presence. I was in great hands and the wisdom she passed on to me in our session was momentous in my life, something I had always been needing and searching for most of my life.  A weight had been lifted.”  

Joe ~ USA

"Jonette was a beacon of light during my session. I felt a significant shift in terms of energy and healing.  The best part was the laugh attack I got at the end of our session.  So much joy after working through deep grief. “ 

Cindy ~ USA

“The session has touched my soul on so many levels. To begin with the sense of overwhelm and anxiety has shifted completely and the heavy feeling of carrying a huge responsibility has totally lifted. The joy in the journey has returned. My heart is wide open, a peace at the core of my Being is experienced and I am enjoying a stillness within each present moment. I am incredibly grateful that Jonette has walked her path, preparing the way for so many of us.”  

Rosemary ~ Australia

All appointments are 50 minutes in length. Readings are for personal spiritual growth and illumination. Advice should not be taken in lieu of proper medical diagnosis and treatment. There are no refunds.

Personal Sessions with Jonette

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A Personal Session with Jonette provides a goldmine of insight, answers, and clarity on personal and spiritual matters.  Jonette answers questions about yourself, your relationships and loved ones, your career, your health, your past, and your spiritual path.  These private sessions often include energy work and healing.  

Jonette is able to connect fully to you in the quantum field. From here she sees you and can answer specific questions, remove blocks, open areas for healing, and give you specific guidance. She and her guides go one step further and can often resolve issues from beyond time/space, bringing tremendous deep healing and insights.

The reading is 50 minutes long. Cost is $222

"Having a session with Jonette is a wonderfully deep and enriching experience.  Her loving wisdom, awareness and insights quickly address the core of the issues. This is coupled with her tremendous warmth, compassion, and humor.  It is an energetic exchange with a beautiful friend." Heather, UK

Personalized Meditation-Created Just For You

How about a beautiful morning or evening meditation created just for you?  Listen to it again and again as Jonette tunes into what's important to you.  These personalized daily meditations are so much more than words.  Jonette is working with you in spirit every time you listen.  You will feel the meditation change energetically as your needs change.  Treat yourself to something that can continue to help your spiritual growth, well-being, and peace.  With you sitting silently on the phone, Jonette picks up your field and creates this personalized meditation.

The session is 50 minutes long. Cost is $222

Personal Sessions
"Jonette created a magnificent meditation for me that I absolutely LOVE! Jonette's voice is so peaceful and soothing and the words feel so personal and in alignment with me!  I used to find it difficult to meditate but now using my personal meditation twice daily is amazing." - Eilis, USA

Soul Body Fusion® Transmission

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Jonette does a Soul Body Fusion transmission and healing personally energized for you.

The session is 50 minutes long. Cost is $222

You experience the powerful healing and integrating benefits of a Soul Body Fusion® Session directly with Jonette, who is the founder of this method. This includes two virtual sessions later, one after 7-days, and another 21-days later. You do not need another appointment for these, as you and Jonette will connect ‘etherically’ anytime during those later dates.

" Amazing and possible. This morning I felt a joy and happiness that I have never felt before.  My soul was dancing and I was dancing. The energy around me is magic.  I feel that I am glowing. The healing is still working in me and new things are happening all the time."  Elisabeth, Denmark

What people are saying

"During the session I got what I've been working on my whole life... Now I can finally feel my heart! I’ve been yearning for this connection… and now I have it in myself. I trust Jonette completely."
Angela, Germany
"Working with Jonette helped me to let go of the boulders in the stream of life that my higher self was wanting me to go down.  What I was labeling as possible tide pools to gain momentum for the river ride was then recognized while in her space for the true boulders that they were. Thank you Jonette! I am now enjoying the ride hands-free barreling happily in the flow of life which I now see has the means to support my joy fully!! Woohoo!!"
Kate, USA

"A session with Jonette is an enriching experience.  Her clarity and guidance are always spot-on and most appreciated is the love that flows through her."

   Louise, USA


"I recognized the answers to my questions and felt at peace. Jonette's loving presence was palpable. I had some transitory nausea following some healing during the session and the rest of the day was full of Grace. Well worth it as I am in an even better place."

Rose, Australia 


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