Jonette Crowley, founder of the Center for Creative Consciousness

"It is not only what you produce in your life, but how your greater life produces a greater you that, in turn, produces a greater world."

~ 'MARK', channeled by Jonette ~


Jonette Crowley

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Channel

Jonette has been called one of the world’s purest channels. She is a globally known spiritual teacher and best-selling author. She founded the Center for Creative Consciousness in the early 1990s to support humanity’s spiritual awakening.

As a shaman in the ancient lineage of the Sun and a modern-day mystic, she explores the inner planes and maps the higher dimensions of consciousness so they can be explained and made accessible to others. Her book The Eagle and the Condor - A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey is now in 12 languages.

In order to help people truly embody their divinity Jonette has created the powerful Soul Body Fusion® technique for healing and wholeness. It is a remarkably simple process yielding profound and immediate results. Her book Soul Body Fusion® - the Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond is now in 10 languages. She teaches this in workshops around the world and certifies Soul Body Fusion® Teachers.

Jonette has powerful gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and the unique ability to lift others to experience their own spiritual truths. Since the late 1980s, she has received and shared the teachings of her spirit guides: White Eagle and Mark. With their guidance, Jonette teaches spiritual growth workshops and retreats in the U.S. and Europe. She has traveled extensively - to over 70 countries and now leads spiritual adventure tours to sacred places around the world. She comes from her heart, radiating joy and empowerment for all! Jonette is also firmly rooted in the corporate world. She has an MBA and holds the academic honor of Phi Beta Kappa. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

In this Interview for the "They Call Us Channelers" series, Jonette talks with Kevin Moore about her spiritual journey.

Jonette discusses how she started on her spiritual path, what her channeling philosophy is, and how her Cosmic Guide, MARK, teaches us how to go Dancing through the Dimensions.

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The Center for Creative Consciousness

Founded by Jonette Crowley, to provide a community dedicated to the spiritual expansion of humankind by serving personal growth.

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