The 11th Dimension Shamballa Consciousness

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MARK - Your quantum guide to expanding and integrating into the higher dimensions

Join MARK as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound.

As Jonette holds the energetic space, MARK teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary.

These classes are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness. 

Begin with whichever Series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

MARK Classes


By the Numbers...

4 Series in 11th Dimension
3 Courses in a Series
8 Classes in a Course
2.5 Hours per Class


Held Mondays on Zoom
Includes the recordings
Add on Transcripts for $25

Class Format

Part 1
Jonette's Overview and Comments
MARK channeled meditation #1
Group Comments and Q&A

Part 2
MARK channeled meditation #2
Group Comments and Q&A
Jonette Closing Comments & Announcements

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11th Dimension Series #4

Multidimensional Healing: A Return to Wholeness

Jonette channels MARK to bring our focus back to healing our singular self from the vantage point of our quantum wholeness. Our human foundation is filled with toxicity, patterns, and programs from a matrix that doesn’t support the magnificence of unfettered creation. He’ll work with us at the personal and subconscious level to align our human hardware and software with the vast consciousness that we know is our destiny.

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Part I: Mind - Class 1: Opening to Quantum Flow Mind

Mind is first because it gives birth to how we experience our lives on Earth. MARK will help you heal your personal thoughts and heal the underlying patterns and programs that emerge from the matrix. We use our multidimensional consciousness to reach and heal what we have never before been able to access. The result is the experience of our personal and collective mind that is finally congruent with creation.

Our human mind becomes quantum and can now hold our Divine mind.

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Part II: Body - Class 1: Higher Connections Through Pineal

"Healing the Body" takes its cues from the quantum field of human consciousness and from your personal quantum field, operating beyond time/space.

Right now, your body is a teaching instrument, to tell you the effect of some of the causes that you have implanted in it.  Much of what has become conflicted and permanent in your body is from the mind, but as your consciousness expands it moves your body into a space where it can respond more to the creative mind, and therefore to miracles. The body is no longer limited by cause and effect!

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Part III: Spirit - Class 1: Mind, Body, and Spirit as One

MARK uses the gateway that is the 11th Dimension to help us create an extraordinary spiritual destiny.

So far in this series, we have lifted our Minds and Bodies to a higher level of being, which finally allows us access to parts of our fractured Spirit that we couldn’t reach before. MARK guides us across timelines and dimensions to heal parts of our Spirit that have broken off during our many Earth journeys. With Mind, Body and Spirit renewed you’ll live from a new sense of your totality and harmony in all its incomprehensible glory.

11th Dimension Series #3


In the Alchemy series, Jonette and her Cosmic Guide MARK take us to the edges of consciousness and the edges of time. By embracing our multidimensionality, we send ourselves out of this timeline to ride that meteor, to direct it into places on Earth that will have the greatest positive change. This series assists us with the transformation of form from the 11th dimension and beyond.

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Part I: Realization - Class 1: A New Life Based on Creative Choice, Not Karma

Realization is the acceptance of a world view that cannot be seen from our current perspective, but must be leaped into, relinquishing all other world views. We are already hooking into the unseen, unexperiencable worlds that create or inform the world of matter.

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Part II: Actualization - Class 1: New Activation Codes in your Path

Actualization is a tipping point in manifesting our divinity on Earth. There is an acceleration in our spiritual growth at all levels as MARK guides us to embody our own radiant golden light. Personal alchemy brings us breakthroughs in our power, our thinking, our knowing, and our deep peacefulness. Together we journey through realms impossible to reach before.

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Part III: Transmutation - Class 1: Throw Out the Sandbags

MARK takes us across the threshold, giving us new tools of Alchemy, the ability to transform ourselves and our physical world. The changes we’ve been waiting for are now in our own hands. We become our own ‘Magnus Opus.’

11th Dimension Series #2

Essence of Shamballa

As we continue to play in the 11th Dimension of Shamballa Consciousness, we refine our very essence…becoming unstructured and limitless, opening to the field of miracles. In the fullness of our own Shamballa Essence, there is no concept of separation, no such thing as powerlessness. In this series, MARK brings us to experiences that fundamentally change who we are—magnificent multi-dimensional beings of peace, presence, and power. Earth is moving through a time-line shift, and we are the co-creators of the outcome. MARK’s channelings are transmissions that profoundly expand your being and your understanding in the moment. There is nothing that needs to be learned or practiced, simply accepting the Essence of Shamballa into your life.

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Part I: Return to Peace - Class 1: Peace, the Fundamental Essence of Matter

The Essence of Shamballa must begin with Peace.  Peace gives birth to all else. It opens wide the gates of Shamballa. We on Earth have been at odds with Peace. Until we heal our relationship with All-That-Is, we will remain only seekers of peace. Our goal is to become one with the essence of Peace, letting that transform all our struggles and our unhappiness. MARK will explore with us the spiritual breakthroughs that will bring us a Return to Peace at all levels of our being.

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Part II: Presence - Class 1: Awaken To Your Awakening

MARK expands your ability to be present in a new way— in the highest dimensions and balanced in your everyday life. Your identity begins to shift to your highest self. We become more solidly multi-dimensional, increasing our skills as knowers, healers, and magicians.  Presence is a spectacular rooting of new growth into a New World. Presence brings calmness and knowing that invigorate our deepest soul gifts that had been hidden before now.

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Part III: Power - Class 1: We are Now at a Point of Transcendence

MARK guides us to the experience that we ARE Power. We are the Power of creation, of Light, of being… the Power of happiness. This Power lifts our ability to change lives, support our loved ones and assist in the transformation of humanity’s collective consciousness. Power is the expression of awakening into our multi-dimensional self.

11th Dimension Series #1

Shamballa Consciousness

Shamballa Consciousness, unattainable and even unimaginable until now, is the reconnection of our physical world to a higher realm that once was connected to Earth, but has since been moved into the etheric plane. MARK has been working for over 30 years to bring us through the Gates of Shamballa, the next breakthrough for human consciousness. The 11th dimension can’t be experienced as a subset. It is infinity without barriers. What is shifting now is that your self is being uploaded into the cosmos in its entirety.

Part I: Discovery - Class 1

Discover the energies and group consciousness pathways that get us to the ‘base camp’ of the 11th Dimension. Moving into Shamballa Consciousness, you can expect an opening of higher dimensions into your world. Your inner guidance will be stronger and your inner knowing will come more deeply, bringing you vibrant peacefulness that encompasses everything you were trying to fix.

Part II: Dis-Illusion - Class 1

Dis-Illusion, we peel away the blindfolds; moving out of illusion and limitation. The speed of spiritual evolution quickens as new senses beyond the world of impermanence are awakened. Passing through the gates of Shamballa, we move into the flow of embodied ascension. Together realizing the cosmic dance of Allness, receiving breakthroughs unimaginable.

Part III: Design - Class 1 - Your Design Team

You learn to be designers and template builders of a new reality. As you lift out of density, you will sense a greater life-force energy. You have more trust, more joy, and none of it is caused by the outside world. Your opening up to embody the 11th Dimension is a vital part in the transition and illumination of human consciousness.

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