Presence Essence of Shamballa Part II Course

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“Presence is a spectacular rooting of new growth into a New World”  – MARK

8-week Zoom course Mondays: June 7 – Aug 2, 2021.  Join live on or get the Replay


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Essence of Shamballa - Part II Presence

The 11th Dimension

PRESENCE is a spectacular rooting of new growth into a New World.”  - MARK

Classes will be held via Zoom Live-stream Mondays at Noon-2:30 pm MDT / 20:00-22:30 CEST. (see exceptions below)

Jun 7*, Jun 14, Jun 21, Jun 28*, Jul 12, Jul 19, Jul 26*, Aug 2

*June 7:  2 hours early. 10 am MDT/ 18:00 CEST. Jonette will be teaching from the Medicine Hoop of Life at Grandmother SaSa's in New Hampshire.

*July 5:  No class due to the Independence Day holiday in the US.

*July 26:  1 hour later. 1 pm MDT/ 21:00 CESTJonette will be teaching from South Dakota after her 4-day vision quest on Lakota Peak.

About the Course

Essence of Shamballa A 3-part MARK Channeled Series

As we continue to play in the 11th Dimension of Shamballa Consciousness, we refine our very essence…becoming unstructured and limitless, opening to the field of miracles. In the fullness of our own Shamballa Essence, there is no concept of separation, no such thing as powerlessness. In this series, MARK brings us to experiences that fundamentally change who we are—magnificent multi-dimensional beings of peace, presence, and power. Earth is moving through a time-line shift, and we are the co-creators of the outcome. MARK’s channelings are transmissions that profoundly expand your being and your understanding in the moment. There is nothing that needs to be learned or practiced, simply accepting the Essence of Shamballa into your life.

Presence - Part II

MARK expands your ability to be present in a new way— in the highest dimensions and balanced in your everyday life. Your identity begins to shift to your highest self. We become more solidly multi-dimensional, increasing our skills as knowers, healers, and magicians. Presence brings a calmness and knowing that invigorate our deepest soul gifts that had been hidden before now.

The Essence of Shamballa must begin with Peace.  Peace gives birth to all else. It opens wide the gates of Shamballa. We on Earth have been at odds with Peace. Until we heal our relationship with All-That-Is, we will remain only seekers of peace. Our goal is to become one with the essence of Peace, letting that transform all our struggles and our unhappiness. MARK will explore with us the spiritual breakthroughs that will bring us a Return to Peace at all levels of our being. Purchase Part I

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Essence of Shamballa II: Presence

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