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100% of your contributions go to supporting our programs.

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Creative Consciousness Academy, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit supporting programs for Spiritual Awakening

The mission of Creative Consciousness Academy is to support personal growth and spiritual awakening on our planet. Our focus is to inspire and educate, giving people the tools to develop their own spiritual gifts.

When your heart and your being is so full that it continually explodes with you across the dimensions of the universe, then you are a true giver and a true receiver. When charity is no longer a decision but is simply an outflow of you, then you are a creator.

 - Jonette


    We do this by producing enlightened courses and events that are available to people around the world.  


    We underwrite or provide scholarships to specific spiritual growth courses.


    To accomplish our mission we encourage donations and grants and ask people who have benefited from this work to ‘Pay-it-Forward’ in order to help others.

Would you like to ‘Pay-it-Forward’ to help others?

To accomplish our mission to support programs for Spiritual Awakening we encourage tax-deductible (in the USA) donations and grants.

We thank you for your kind support. 100% of your contributions go toward supporting consciousness raising educational programs.

How Can We Help You?

When scholarships are available for particular courses sponsored by the Center for Creative Consciousness, that information will be given in the course details on the website. There will be a link to find out more and to apply.

Additionally, Creative Consciousness Academy will periodically sponsor free webinars.  These will be announced here on our website and in our Center for Creative Consciousness monthly e-newsletter.