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The Space Between Part II: Harmony


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Your Guide to the Higher Dimensions

MARK sets up a complex energy formation which encompasses each person creating the space for exploration of other dimensions.  Working outside of the limitations of time and space allows everyone to travel together no matter -- no matter When and How they listen. All the power of the group is transmitted within the recordings and the energy grows even more powerful as others join the group by to the audio downloads.

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About the Classes

Each "Course" is 8 classes and generally a "Series" is 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness.  Classes usually consist of an introduction by Jonette, 2 -4 guided meditations followed by group comments and questions, 

Begin with whichever series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

Harmony: Space Between Part II Course

“Harmony is a rebirth of a way to relate to yourself and all that is. It is springtime for the Soul.

This is a fast-moving course that builds a template of harmony for all relationships. It bridges us into a world of relationships based on flow, receiving and radiance, rather than survival.

NOTE NEW CLASS TIME  – Mondays starting at Noon MDT, 20:00 CEST
 The course includes 8 online classes  – Zoom live-stream, on-demand video replay, and edited audio downloads. You can add-on transcripts at time of purchase for only $25


Neutrality: Space Between Part I Course

Feel yourself released from duality, neutralized from the polarity that has defined the world.  We think of neutral as between two opposing sides. but neutrality is a whole different plane of existence, the realm of the Space Between.  

Course includes Attendance in Denver or Zoom Video Live-stream, on-demand playback of live-stream and edited audio downloads. You can add-on transcripts for only $25


Beyond Knowing: Beyond Destiny III Full Course

In Part III of the Beyond Destiny series, Jonette and MARK take you Beyond Knowing, setting the groundwork for knowing the universe—by being one with it— rather than receiving it through any filters.  
Full Course includes audio downloads and on-demand playback of live-stream video. Add on transcripts for only $25


Beyond Singularity: Beyond Destiny Part II Full Course

A MARK Course channeled by Jonette
In Part II of the Beyond Destiny series, Jonette and MARK take you Beyond Singularity, to explore the interface between humanity and nonlinear worlds, connecting you to that which is beyond the singularity of this Universe.  Add on transcripts for only $25
Full Course includes Attendance in Denver or Zoom Video Live-stream, on-demand playback of live-stream and edited audio downloads.


Beyond Self: Beyond Destiny Part I Full Course

In Beyond Self, Part I of the Beyond Destiny trilogy, Jonette and MARK help you break out from human-based limitation and live from the infinite nature of our Spirit. MARK reconfigures your DNA back to what Spirit intended, allowing you to expand this  ‘upgrade’ to the human collective.

8 classes includes on-demand replays of video live-stream as well as edited audio downloads.


Embodied Universality Part III Course

Get the audio downloads for all 8 classes of The Stars plus links to the unaudited live-stream video. The Stars:Embodied Universality Part III MARK continues the theme of you as a universal citizen. We embody star consciousness, play with non-linear time and stargates. We open up the doorways between your normal experience and the influence of the stars to us on Earth, giving us a whole new realm of complexity to your beingness.


Gaia: Embodied Universality Part II Course

In the 2nd course of Embodied Universality, We explore our relationship with all of nature, Mother Earth, and our solar system. Audio Downloads for all 8 Classes plus Transcripts for Classes 2-4. Maximum of 10 downloads per file, downloads expire after 180 days.


Universal Human: Embodied Universality Part I Audio Download

Universality is the experience of interconnected, interwoven non-locality. This course gives you a greater playing field and a greater sense of support. You gain abilities and the shields and the shades come off. You know much more than could have been comprehended just a short time ago. It is a time of emancipation. You must walk out of your protections, because that’s where life really begins. Humanity is in a cycle of survival, now moving to a cycle of aliveness. Can you imagine how life can be when survival isn’t the goal?


Relativity Part III Transcripts

You will receive the transcripts in PDF format


Relativity Part III Transcripts with course

You will receive the edited transcript in PDF format via email.