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Your Guide to the Higher Dimensions

MARK sets up a complex energy formation which encompasses each person creating the space for exploration of other dimensions.  Working outside of the limitations of time and space allows everyone to travel together no matter -- no matter When and How they listen. All the power of the group is transmitted within the recordings and the energy grows even more powerful as others join the group by to the audio downloads.

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About the Classes

Each Course consists of 8 weekly Monday Classes. Each Series is 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness. 

Current Classes are on Zoom, you can join live at any time during the series and catch up with the earlier classes by listening to the replays. Audio and Video Recordings for Previous Course are available for download

No previous experience with MARK is required, the energies will carry you! 

Current MARK Series

Multidimensional Healing Series

Alchemy Series


Spiritual Alchemy is the realization of the movement out of this timeline into a new world of enlightenment

Realization is the acceptance of a worldview that cannot be seen from our current perspective, but must be leaped into, relinquishing all other world views. We are already hooking into the unseen, unexperiencable worlds that create or inform the world of matter.


Actualization is a tipping point in manifesting our divinity on Earth

Actualization is a tipping point in manifesting our divinity on Earth. There is an acceleration in our spiritual growth at all levels as MARK guides us to embody our own radiant golden light. Personal alchemy brings us breakthroughs in our power, our thinking, our knowing, and our deep peacefulness. Together we journey through realms impossible to reach before.


Transmutation lets our body hold our highest Light

MARK takes us across the threshold, giving us new tools of Alchemy, the ability to transform ourselves and our physical world. The changes we’ve been waiting for are now in our own hands. We become our own ‘Magnus Opus.’


Essence of Shamballa Series


The Essence of Shamballa must begin with Peace.  Peace gives birth to all else.

Peace opens wide the gates of Shamballa. We on Earth have been at odds with Peace. Until we heal our relationship with All-That-Is, we will remain only seekers of peace. Our goal is to become one with the essence of Peace, letting that transform all our struggles and our unhappiness.


Presence brings a calmness and knowing that invigorate our deepest soul gifts that had been hidden before now

MARK expands your ability to be present in a new way— in the highest dimensions and balanced in your everyday life.  Your identity begins to shift to your highest self. We become more solidly multi-dimensional, increasing our skills as knowers, healers, and magicians.


MARK guides us to the experience that we ARE Power.

We are the Power of creation, of Light, of being… the Power of happiness. This Power lifts our ability to change lives, support our loved ones and assist in the transformation of humanity’s collective consciousness. Power is the expression of awakening into our multi-dimensional self.


Shamballa Consciousness Series


"Discover the energies and group consciousness pathways that get us to the ‘base camp’ of the 11th Dimension." - MARK

We will move, as part of an expedition, from this reality into Shamballa Consciousness. There, you can expect an opening of higher dimensions into your world. Your inner guidance will be stronger and will seem like it’s coming internally from you. Your inner knowing will come more deeply, bringing you vibrant peacefulness that encompasses everything you were trying to fix.


“The more you come to truth, the more the bridges you have built to untruth fall away.” -  MARK
From Part I: Discovery to Part II: Dis-Illusion, we peel away the blindfolds; moving out of illusion and limitation. The speed of spiritual evolution quickens as new senses beyond the world of impermanence are awakened. Passing through the gates of Shamballa, we move into the flow of embodied ascension. Together realizing the cosmic dance of Allness, receiving breakthroughs unimaginable.


The next step in the materialization oembodied high consciousness.”  - MARK

You learn to be designers and template builders of a new reality. As you lift out of density, you will sense a greater life-force energy. You have more trust, more joy, and none of it is caused by the outside world. Your opening up to embody the 11th Dimension is a vital part in the transition and illumination of human consciousness.

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