Preparation: Uncharted Realms Part 1

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Stepping into the 12th Dimension… Your identification with your more linear consciousness will immediately prove too small. 8-week MARK Course recorded June – Aug 2023. Includes Audio & Video Recordings for download

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The 12th Dimension

Uncharted Realms Preparations

Part 1

A series of 8 classes recorded June 26 - Aug 28, 2023.

Includes downloadable Audio & Video Recordings.

About the Course:


Preparation: Part 1

In our first steps into the 12th Dimension, our identification with linear, 3-D consciousness will immediately prove too small.  You’ll need to expand to choose new outcomes rather than keep selecting from old possibilities.


The vibratory rate of the Earth is also expanding, so preparation includes creating a more vibrant interconnectedness with Earth, nature, and other multi-dimensional beings.

Class Titles:

Jonette: The Significance of 12
MARK: Grandiose Holographic Beingness
MARK: Transmission of Frequencies for Transcendence 

Class 2: A Return to Innocence

MARK: Beyond All Paths to The Point of Creation -- A New Template for Humanity

Class 3: You Are Built for the Unknown

MARK: Find the Divinity of You

Class 4: Return to the Aliveness of Being

MARK: A Great Calmness
MARK: Clear Worry and Guilt

Class 5: Download Particules of Restructuring

MARK: Uncompressed Through Many Dimensions of Being

MARK: Unguided Meditation

MARK: Release Your 'Shoulds'

Class 6: Doorway to the Mystic's World

Jonette: Singularity of Lifeforce Energy

MARK Meditation: Golden Light Body

- Graduating from Self to Spirit

- Becoming the Golden Light Body

Class 7: Lift Directly to Realization

Jonette: I AM the Dark and the Light

MARK Meditation: Awareness Released from Judgement

MARK: Move from Wanting to Having

MARK: Allow Mind Not Sourced in Suffering

Class 8: The Golden Door

MARK Meditation: Vast Interconnections Without Beginning or End

MARK: Finding New Markers

MARK: No Time, No Space, Endless Love


About the Series:

We are at that level of vibration now. It is our time to fly!

- Grandmother Jonette

Uncharted Realms

The 12th dimension opens us to nonlinear growth...beyond the boundary of space/time and the limitations of our old human perspective. This begins a massive re-creation on Earth.

Personally, you step into synchronicity, extraordinary clarity, insights and knowing. You trust that your steps are guided.

The Veils are lifted.

Interested in exploring the other Dimensions?
Here are some FREE videos to support your journey.

Dancing Through Dimension

Explore the first 10 Dimensions in this 6-part Video Series ($244 value, gifted by Jonette)

Bridge to the 12th Dimension

Jonette and MARK get you energetically prepared for this epic quantum leap.

About the 12th Dimension:

We are at the last dimension before Enlightenment. I invite all of you, whether you are new to MARK, or even new to spiritual growth to join us in this field of Transcendence.

- Grandmother Jonette


It has taken 34 years of channeling MARK to move through the first 11 dimensions of human consciousness. We are now entering the final level that can be understood from an individual’s perspective—the 12th dimension.


The 12th Dimension is a completion of cycles…

♒️  12 signs of the zodiac

🌗 12 hours of night and day

🗓️ 12 months before a new year

🏛️ 12 gates to the Temple of Jerusalem


According to legends, there are 12 Sun Discs hidden energetically in Earth’s power places that when fully activated, awaken our twelve-stranded DNA and open the door for all to live in a higher reality.

About the Mark Courses:


The 8-week course is held on Mondays on Zoom. The cost is $280, which includes downloadable Audio & Video recordings. Transcripts are also available for an additional $35.

These multi-dimensional classes are exploratory and experiential.  Jonette and MARK are venturing into Uncharted Realms, so it is impossible to foretell what will be uncovered and what we will be achieved. We can promise that you will always be astounded!


MARK, as channeled by Jonette, is a quantum experience.

You are carried immediately to the same place as the others. You don’t need to understand what the dimensions are or what they mean—because it is about the mystical experiences that are offered in every MARK class.


No experience necessary!

The international group of explorers who have been ‘doing MARK’ for decades… or only the past few months… have all helped create an energetic platform that fully supports newcomers. This teaching is certainly not the old way where a beginner starts at the bottom. Or the novice must prove herself.


You don’t ever see or feel anything? It doesn’t matter.

We are getting to spaces where there is often little to see, or mentally comprehend. Because the true space of breakthrough is a dynamic field of creation that you relax into. Your inner knowing just KNOWS.


Been awhile since you’ve taken a MARK class or workshop?

Jump right back in! We’ve been holding the space for you. This is a time for rapid re-creation with no need to catch up.

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