2023 MARK International Intensive “Lifting the Veils”

2-day Workshop “Lifting the Veils: Ascension – the Completion of Karma”

Equinox Weekend Sept 23 & 24 , Nijmegen, Netherlands


MARK International Intensive

LIFTING THE VEILS Ascension-the Completion of Karma

Equinox Weekend, September 23 & 24

MARK Channeled by Jonette Crowley

2023 MARK Intensive: Lifting the Veils

Open fully to the flow of grace in your life.

Workshop Details


Saturday September 23: In Person Registration 8:30-9:15 CEST; Workshop 9:30h–17:30h CEST / 1:30 am-9:30 am MDT
Sunday, September 24: 9:30h–17:30h CEST / 1:30 am-9:30 am MDT



Fletcher ParkHotel Val Monte, Oude Holleweg 5, 6572 AA, Berg en Dal, Netherlands (near Nijmegen)



In Person: $590 includes buffet lunch and Zoom recordings, does not include hotel room
Online: $535 includes Zoom live stream access + recordings

About the Workshop

The MARK intensive is being held over the Equinox, a time of exquisite balance when the veils are thin.

Clarifying energies coming to Earth are bringing massive acceleration and opportunities for ascension. This allows us to choose our destiny; not from what has come before, but from our own heightened state of consciousness.

The new flow is showing us the limits of our old fears, our passivity, and our tendency to blame. MARK upgrades us and pushes us into higher levels of self-awareness, honesty, responsibility, and action.

Seeds from other dimensions are brought through the veils and planted in your awakening heart.

‘Lifting the Veils’ opens your perceptions beyond your normal world to lift out of survival into realization beyond the self. You become upgraded in every way!

What is the MARK International Intensive

An intensely experiential, channeled workshop bringing new and old MARK students together for breakthroughs that can only happen in a group. Through meditations and activations we’ll be working with the 12th Dimension—Transcendence— to understand the highest dimensions of  being. Traditionally, the Intensive is held in the Netherlands every two years.

The Parkhotel Val Monte has beautiful grounds so we can gather outside for break-out exercises and initiation ceremonies.

Instability in our world sorts us into Victims or Victors… Ultimately the choice is your own!

Why attend ‘Lifting the Veils?'

Because of the power of the group gathering for 2 days, MARK can take us way beyond where we can get to in our weekly MARK classes. The Intensive is unscripted, allowing for unimaginable personal and group breakthroughs. The energies are incredible. Most of all these Intensives are FUN!!!

  • Experience your higher dimensional powers..
  • Re-magnetize your energy field to attract only what suits your growth and happiness.
  • Create permanent pathways to the higher dimensions to receive guidance, healing, inspiration, and support.
  • Heal the burdens you’ve been accumulating.
  • Support your clarity and next steps.

'Lifting the Veils’ changes YOU—which leads to enhanced relationships, personal growth, and a clear sense of direction.

Calling all who know that YOU are bigger than you think…

  • ‘Lifting the Veils' is open to anyone seeking personal and spiritual growth.
  • Whether you are a seasoned self-explorer or just beginning your journey, this weekend gives you spiritual experiences and insights that catalyze deep, positive change in your life.

The Intensive is life-changing.

What People are Saying about the Intensive

Feels like home, reconnecting with a big family coming together as One to change the world with light and love.”

“The MARK intensive was an enormous experience for me. I needed to find the 'main switch' within me to change my life and not have to find 'solutions' for the different areas in my life. For me the MARK Intensive did this. I am deeply in the feeling of 'all is well’ now.”

"After all these years you never fail to amaze me! The workshops are always filled with exquisite, awesome energies and insights."

"Every step we took was so in the right moment for me. It really activated how I can share my our golden heart now without fear."

"Thank you for creating a safe place where I could travel through dimensions. I learned how easy spirit knowing is and how I can use it to learn and serve."

"Thank you so much for the spirit travels, meditations and the experience of peace in my solar heart..and your dedication to spirit!"

"I loved to learn how we can raise the world’s vibrations!"

"The spiritual traveling was amazing and guided so well by Jonette."

"Thank you Jonette. You give me trust to be a Light and to let go of the old things. Now I am a joyful person!"

"You brought me so much knowing about how the Universe and how we are connected. You activated my Quantum brain and connected me to the Earth."

"Most important was the raising of our energy. I was love and light!"

"It was an amazing weekend! I feel so much joy and gratitude."

"I liked so much turning to my own wisdom and talents."

"During the weekend all pieces of my puzzle of the last 4 years fell into place. I made a great transformation!"

Are you ready to unveil your greater knowing and get support in making the BIG breakthroughs in your journey?

Grandmother Jonette

Important notes:

  • The seminar fee is nonrefundable, but you are free to transfer it to someone else if you cannot attend.
  • All attendees will have access to Zoom Recording after the event.
  • All In-Person attendees have a buffet lunch included (even if you do not have the lunch, there is no discount).
  • The in-person price does not include the hotel cost.
  • You can make the hotel reservation (and read more details about it) at the bottom of this page. Be sure to return to this product page after the checkout.

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2023 MARK Intensive

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Sep 24, 2023 09:30 AM

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Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
  • Sep 23, 2023 09:30 AM
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