A little poem for uncertain times :)

So many changes are taking place within us and in the world around us as we move through this series of shifts in consiousness. For many this can be quite uncomfortable, at least for a while.  Several people have asked me to re-post the poem from our latest newsletter.  I wrote this ages ago when I was facing life’s uncertainties - before White Eagle and channeling came into my life.  I hope it makes you smile!

Where am I now?

I went to sit down and someone moved the chair.

I only blinked and I found where I was, wasn’t there.

The room with the answers seemed so neatly arranged.

But the questions are different, so everything ‘s changed.

I must be in the wrong place.

But how did I get here and where did it go?

What am I doing and why don’t I know?

Why can’t I listen to the voices inside?

Why is it I know that I could if I tried?

What is it they’re saying that challenges me so?

Where is it I’m going that I don’t want to go?

Where am I now?

If I’m in the wrong place, am I on the right track?

If I keep on going can I ever get back?

And if I get to a place that is right,

Will it feel familiar, will I know it on sight?

What am I doing, and why don’t I know?



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Happy Shifting Everyone!

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