A Thanksgiving Message from 'MARK'

This is the time of year that we spend with family and friends and think about what we are thankful for ------ I am thankful for you!

~with Love, Jonette

Every year I share this message channeled from 'MARK' and every year I read it again and am touched by the opportunity to Receive Thanks.

Below is a link to the audio meditation and transcript of the “Thanks Receiving” from ‘MARK’. I hope that you enjoy this special present and remember all of those things that you are thankful for.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!


'MARK's Thanks-Receiving" Thanksgiving Message

Blessings, blessings dear friends.  This is 'MARK'.

Sometimes you feel us as a voice, as a disembodied being.  Or perhaps you find us in a straight line from the Source.  But now we would like you to feel us around you everywhere -- holding you, embracing you; giving you love. So we would ask yOrbou to soften your very being; soften your heart and soul in a way to receive love.  For Thanksgiving and Thanks Receiving are simply two aspects of being love. You know that we love you.  But in our years of teaching we seldom stop to let you simply feel that.

Absorb our love into your being and then absorb more.  Allow this love to electrify you, to magnetize you; to adore you.  Allow all your blocks to be broken down so that you can receive unfettered, complete adoration. We’ll say it again because it is hard to get this word past your ego…  LET YOURSELF RECEIVE complete, whole, unfettered ADORATION!  Let it crush your concepts of smallness and unworthiness.  Let it obliterate your fears.

RECEIVE that you are adored; just who you are; just as YOU live and breathe.  You are cherished!  Feel the stream of being cherished.  Feel the stream of adoration.   Feel the stream of complete trust.  That’s a hard one too.  You come up with all the reasons why you are not trusted.  RECEIVE that you are trusted by the Universe.  Failure to receive this is the core of your inability to trust the world.  You are cherished, loved, adored… you… just how you are, are trusted.  Trusted!  Receive that into your cells.  Then receive it deeper into your cells.  There is much that trust, when received wholly, can transform.  Trust burns off self-doubt; for who could hold on to your puny self-doubt when you have the Cosmos trusting you?  The Cosmos TRUSTS you!

Feel and receive reverence.  You are revered.  YOU, in your present state are revered.  For how could you not be all these things?  You are God.  Yet, somehow you seek to attain Godhood, yet hold on to all your faults.  YOU are revered.  Receive this not as a word – but as a power, as a Light, as an electrifying force.  Receive it into your being.

Here’s another, as part of our bouquet of Thanksgiving to you, Thanks-receiving for you…  You are innocent.  Feel that reverberate through all the lies you have believed.  YOU are INNOCENT.  Innocent.  Let that shatter false conceptions and replace it with the truth of this Light.  Simply: Innocent.  You are treasured beyond belief.  You are valued beyond worlds and worlds.  Why would so many great beings focus their love, their attention on this blue globe except for the love we have for you?  Your role in the Cosmos—YOUR role… as an individual Soul… is valued and treasured and cherished! You are appreciated beyond measure; appreciated for having taken on a physical body; for having agreed to forget -- in order to learn.  Whole civilizations of beings appreciate you.  Nature, your Mother the Earth appreciates you.

Sometimes you only feel the dark side… how, perhaps, you’ve hurt the Mother Earth as a species.  But have you sat to see how much She gives and how much She gives because of who you are!?  You are appreciated by the Heavenly Hosts, by Nature herself deeply.  Feel this in your bones and your atoms.

heart angel D holemanBe silent while you reorganize yourself,  having accepted all these words and all these energies.  Clean out the old and really receive all this.  Let it remake you.  You humans make love and we say let Love make you.

Receive this love and let it make you anew.  Collect this into your physical body and into your Light body, becoming more radiant,  more fine, more brilliantly lit.   If you believe that Love makes you… then you must know She would never make anything to be ashamed of.  Feel the confidence that Love has in you.  Yet, so often you allow your small ego to tell you otherwise, to construct whole worlds around these lies… to shield you from your own mastery.

If Love were to make you—She would make you PERFECTLY!  And She has!  Can you accept this now?  Are you finally ready?  Are you ready… to accept that you are only Love?  Nothing else has the power to create form but Love.  Open your heart, open your soul, and open your cDSC03993ells… receiving thanks, receiving love.  Allow it to transform the very chemistry of your being as only Love can when it is admitted.   Bathe in the swirling mists of Love and all its aspects: appreciation and reverence.

Be cherished.  Be trusted.  All are aspects of Love.  Feel them swirl around you and dance into your heart.  Feel them lift your state of life.   You are Love.  Nothing else is real.   Love has made you.  And Her handiwork is magnificent.  We’re talking to you.  In this period of Thanksgiving we wish you to receive without boundaries, that you —you— we’re talking to YOU… are magnificent.  Not you are becoming magnificent, you are!  Feel the brilliance of that Light.  It is that acknowledgment of Light that will show up and change everything.  This is our gift to you in this season.

So, with full hearts on behalf of the multitudes who know how to reach you and know how to love—we love you and we leave you always in love, and in Thanksgiving.  This is 'MARK'… and many, many others.  We thank YOU!



JC with turban

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.  www.JonetteCrowley.com, www.SoulBodyFusion.com

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