Five Fingers of Spiritual Leadership- Channeled from White Eagle

White Eagle:  With your hands raised, radiating outward to the world, your five fingers of your right hand describe five points of spiritual leadership.  First and foremost, your thumb stands for compassion.  Compassion is love, forgiveness, equality, humility, and it circles back to love.  The index finger of your right hand stands for visionary focus, holding the highest possible vision no matter what the reality seems to be.  The middle finger of your right hand is courage, which includes strength, power and empowerment, willingness to stand by your ideals – courage.  The ring finger for your right hand stands for honor.  Honor means respectful, trustworthy, humble, graceful and connected – honor.  The small finger of your right hand stands for the fifth quality of leadership, optimism.  See that which is good, and creating from that, seeing that which is wise, seeing the highest ideals and highest intent.  Connect your small finger with your thumb to make a circle – optimism touches compassion. Your new Testament talks about leadership.  It used the parable of the shepherd and his flock.  The shepherd looked after every lamb and no lamb was so lost or insignificant that the shepherd did not move to find it.  That is a good analogy of leadership.  Compassion means everything is included.  There is nothing outside the realm of leadership, of the caring of a leader.  Leadership is most of all, inclusive, and that inclusiveness is actually more important than the vision, for when all are included a vision is spawned.  Sometimes in your world, a leader is said toi have a vision and that calls forth the people.  It looks like that’s what’s happening, but in the higher realms calling for the people creates the vision.  Call forth the people, and the vision will come.  Inclusiveness.  In your life you will be served by inclusiveness, including all the lost sheep and the sheep that are together in the flock.  Leadership sees no limits, leadership sees no detractors.  Leadership seeks not to lead from its own agenda, but  to find the highest ground of the group.  Inclusive. Much of the leadership you will do is on the inner planes.  You lead spaces, holding the space, knowing with optimism that the space will be filled with people.  You lead by your example even if no others watch you in this world.  Sometimes you have been misguided to think that leaders must be visible, and the more famous the better.  That’s one way to lead, but with these lines of light, these fibers of power, you will move into the possibility of leading invisibly to the masses, and visibly, of course, to the masters.  Fame and followers is not a prerequisite of leadership. Compassion, visionary focus, courage, honor and honoring, and optimism.  You can have those every day in the quiet stillness of your life, in your families and in your relationships, in your thoughts and in the dreams that you hold.  By committing to stepping up to spiritual leadership, you will be given gifts and challenges – more gifts than challenges, but challenges in order to find which gifts are suitable to you.  You will find extraordinary circumstances to be raised up and to be of service, and you will find them in the most ordinary of places.  You will be of service to old friends and to new ones, to people who think like you do and to people who don’t think anything like you. When you reach out your hand, it is the hand that holds these five qualities and more.  You may find your hands taking on movements of their own.  Follow their wisdom and trust that they know what they’re dong.  In the next few weeks you each have the opportunity to hear a deep inner voice, a voice that for many of you is familiar, but for some its higher than you’ve been.  Listen for that inner voice of wisdom, of clear guidance.  It may come in a dream that is so real.  It may come in a moment of prayer or meditation, or a moment of exercise.  Commit now to pay attention, and to hear and query that voice.  For those of you who have learned to channel, use this as a focus for your channeling, asking for words for your leadership path.  Perhaps it’s a vision, or perhaps it’s just the next step.  Sometimes the entire path is obscured from this vantage point, and becomes clarified with each step. Rise above the limitations of self guilt, self doubt and self sabotage.  Rise above those chains of inaction, they do not serve your present or your future.  Imagine now those chains falling away, dissolving into ash, liberating you, for an unliberated leader is not a leader.  As you look forward, look not to the horizon, but to the sun itself.  A leader does not know where the past will go, but a leader meets each step with those five qualities. Certainty is not a need of a leader.  With your eyes, as you grow in this role as a leader in this moment in this world, you will see others coming along beside or behind you who are leaders too.  With your vision, with the light of the fibers of light that you hold, you can support them in their leadership.  You don’t have to initiate them or touch their third eye but support them knowingly in their awakening to power and truth.  Look for leaders – they are there.  How else did we find you?

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