Monthly Meditation Membership

2020 Monthly Meditation Membership
Gifts of the Angels

As you grow spiritually your Soul is seeking a higher level of support so that you can embody the finer qualities of mastery.

In this year‘s Monthly Meditations you are encircled by 12 angels. Each month another glorious angel steps up to interact with you, gifting you with its specific qualities and support. You’ll experience these unique energies and grace merging into your light body. You’ll be beautifully surprised by the clarity and strength of these monthly upgrades. Jonette was in awe to be approached so clearly by the angelic realm in order to create these mediations. This in itself signifies our readiness to receive qualities that before we ascribed only to the angels. Our world needs these attributes of grace here more than ever.

Sign Up Now – Answer the call to receive these upgraded energies every month! The angels are smiling.

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