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The next level, working with addictions, helping special children…

(Note: This was recorded in Oslo in Feb. 2014.  Jonette offers Soul Body Fusion® sessions via Zoom.  Click here to sign up.)

What is the larger picture for Soul Body Fusion®… especially the next step and the quantum dimensions?

Soul Body FusionThe first levels are the personal healing that you feel. At some point the next level SBF begins to be self-fulfilling… automatic. The benefits get replicated… like a good virus… throughout humanity. However, as Soul Body Fusion® continues, the next level begins to be quantum or karmic collective healing. What’s happening is that as individuals heal, all the karma and the collective angst, stress and trauma through all time that has created a certain disease or condition — such as breast cancer — begin to be accessed by Soul Body Fusion®. A door opens into the wisdom of the collective soul— and the causes and the scars of breast cancer begin to be addressed.

At your community level, at your government level— again, a door opens, first through individual healing, but it begins to heal organizational collective consciousness. So as individuals heal, they open the door and then a spiraling of good begins eating away at the collective karma and the scars that are in collective organizations.

The next level in quantum healing is the collective scars and causes of disease and disintegration begin to heal from the past and from the future. The chains of karma begin to lessen because the vibration is lifting and karma no longer has anything it can hold onto. Our collective souls are becoming more of a golden plasma. Soul Body Fusion® becomes the seed of the Golden Age… that then begins to replicate.

 What is soul and what is spirit and what do we actually fuse?

Soul and spirit are all of the same stuff. However, many people think of their soul as the part of the cosmic stuff that holds their karma, their history. So you could clear their soul— clear the heaviness out of it. That opens the door to experiencing a pure space of spirit. Spirit is unclouded consciousness. Our soul is still clouded by our belief systems, and our past lives, and our future lives…

Can Soul Body Fusion® help people who are sabotaging themselves with some kind of addictions?

Soul Body Fusion® can help addictions— eating disorders, overwork, addiction to stress— because the part of us that is addicted sometimes can’t ask for help or can’t accept it. So Soul Body Fusion® is the soft presence of our Divine Love that knows how to sneak in because it is us. So sometimes it’s the gentle nudge that lifts the self-sabotage, or gets the addict to see themselves just a little differently.

Soul Body Fusion® can heal something irrespective of the cause of the illness. Our soul can heal a cancer or addiction that has a perfectly reasonable cause. The soul is looking for harmony and beauty and love—these three things. As we seek harmony, beauty and love we are making our life more attractive to our soul.

You will notice proof in your life that you are becoming more integrated Soul and Body if you insist even more on harmony in your relationships and in your surroundings. Harmony, beauty and love—those are the indicators of your soul’s presence, and they also invite the soul in even more. Just feel yourselves in this space of harmony, beauty and love and do not compromise on that.

Is it possible to help those kids who have troubles without helping the parents too?

I would do Soul Body Fusion® on the entire family because the kids have a hard time fitting into a family that has a low vibration. One of the issues with autism, Aspergers and ADHD is those children have such a high vibration that they never integrated with their body. Their body is very hyperactive or difficult and then their body doesn’t integrate into their families or into their schools. Then they are isolated. They’ve isolated their soul from their body and then their body from their life. Soul Body Fusion® can be especially helpful with those special children who are so gifted. If we can get them seated into their body, they have a higher vibration than any of us can ever get to.

Does higher vibration equal higher consciousness?

Consciousness includes vibration but consciousness is the field of all existence—all cosmoses, all universes, all potentials. Vibrations only happen in the consciousness that has energy in the reality that has energy. So from our perspective we might use the same words. Higher frequency means higher consciousness but truly consciousness is the field and vibrations are only true in the material world. In the quantum world (where I’m doing more work with Mark) there are no vibrations anymore. There are whole universes that are beyond vibration but they’re still in consciousness.

Tell us about other universes that have no vibration.

It is hard to imagine. The physical world of galaxies that vibrate is huge, but 90% of the universe is dark matter, dark energy that is neither matter nor energy but is unknown and unmeasurable. Our work with Mark has been to take us to the Quantum Field which is the void; and now we’ll be moving to a place called the Ninth Dimension where instead of an emptiness, all possibilities are possible. Universes — whether they are material or not can be accessed. The world of vibration, of matter, is so big that it’s hard to imagine that there are whole universes that are beyond time and space, beyond the speed of light, therefore beyond vibration—whole omniverses. And that’s all right. We’ve got enough to handle just figuring out our own little blue planet.

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Jonette CrowleyJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

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