A Near Death Experience… the easy way

As our skill in navigating quantum consciousness grows, we can reach into non-ordinary states that were previously inaccessible. We can travel intentionally through space/time —opening and closing portals, changing timelines to avert disasters, bringing about miracles, experiencing grace. This presented me with a profound gift.
Recently I was having my regular energy/clearing session with James Pinkel (www.thepathlighter.com). Lying on his massage table, I told him, "James, I feel I'm in a sarcophagus … something to do with death, rebirth and resurrection.” I continued, "It feels like I should cancel everything and go to bed for a day or two. I don't understand this at all."
"Oh," James replied, "I kept seeing you in bed but I didn't say anything before."
 Following an inner impulse I canceled all my plans and went to bed in the middle of that afternoon. I wasn't sick. I wasn't even tired. For 18 hours I laid there meditating and dozing off. The meditations were deep, taking me around the cosmos it seemed, but nothing was particularly noteworthy. I was disappointed. Had I wasted 18 hours? Did I do it right?
A friend emailed me that perhaps it had to do with a past life. She offered to do a regression on me. In all these years I've never had an individual past life regression.
I laid on her couch as she guided me to another time and place. Instantly I was in an open sarcophagus in an underground crypt in Thebes. I was  the subject of an ancient healing ceremony, as evidently I was on death’s door. I was a young, working woman with husband and children, all of whom were distressed by my state.
As soon as I identified with the dying woman my awareness left her and floated into the void between life and death. Waiting. Waiting. I waited for the decision to become clear: do I die or return to my body and the healing circle? The heavens opened up and light poured through. Even in the regression I thought this was kind of cliché. No beings came to get me. No life review. In a moment it was infinitely clear that I wouldn't be returning to that human body. That was that.
The transition out of human life was seamless, no sharp edges between here and there, living and dead. I wondered how it could be so easy to die, to leave my anguished husband, children and community behind? To not feel one bit of remorse or sadness? I was especially astonished by the complete lack of guilt for leaving a life unfinished, and loved ones behind. How could that be? The answer was immediate and wordless, so excuse my attempts to formulate it into words. There is absolutely no difference between this life and all life. The transition is seamless. There was no guilt because I didn't leave anything or lose anything by dying. The separation and my family's suffering over my death is an illusion.
So many times we've been told that life is an illusion. I logically trusted this to be true, but I never implicitly understood how something so seemingly real as our life could be an illusion, that is until I consciously experienced death in this past life regression. It wasn’t a near death experience. It was the experience of death itself.
We can't see the illusion when we're embedded in it, but the moment we are released, our perspective changes to oneness and peace — the only truth there is.
The lidless sarcophagus in that past life vision was opened to the stars. When we leave the box our separation is ended. Let's do it through the limitlessness of our consciousness so that when we do die it can be the easy way. And more importantly, we don't have to die to be released from the illusion of separation and the suffering that it brings. Let us all become navigators in quantum consciousness and its possibilities.
 CenterforCreative Consciousness.com copyright 2014        Photo "Opening" curtesy of Rupert Davis 2013   NewEarthPhotography.com
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