Journeys with Jonette today at 11:00am MST with Guest Eric Pearl

JOIN US TODAY at 11:00 am MST!     Spend one hour on Journeys with Jonette to find out how a new bandwidth of energy, light and information is turning conventional thinking about healing upside down. Listen to Dr. Eric Pearl talk about how he discovered Reconnective Healing, how you can learn to access it and apply it for physical, emotional and spiritual health, and why 75,000 people around the world are tapping into what science is calling the cutting-edge of "information medicine." And indeed, it's part of a bigger story on how we can reconnect ourselves to the perfection of what we were always intended to be.


More about Dr. Eric Pearl

The Reconnection founder, Dr. Eric Pearl was running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles, when a series of bizarre occurrences led him to realize that his gift lay far beyond the realm of spinal adjustment.  He went on to pioneer studies on the healing frequencies running through him and their effects on people – which he came to term “Reconnective Healing” – a comprehensive healing approach, which completely transcends “energy healing” and it’s complex rituals and techniques. Dr. Pearl teaches others to access these frequencies for in Reconnective Healing.
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