Allowing Yourself to be Served — the Foundation of Being of Service

Allowing Yourself to be served

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving.

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving. Service is so much more than giving. It is radiantly expressing your beingness without effort, without cost to you of any kind. But as we look at the human condition over the last few thousand years, there has been a shortage of receiving that has dried up the wells of giving. We want you to bust down all doors, all your hesitancy, resistance and deep karmic guilt to receiving and to being served.

Let a stillness come over you—a stillness that supports, that nourishes and nurtures, that you just can’t get enough of. This stillness feels like the quantum or the eighth dimension. There is creation and potential here but it’s all invisible. It is the stillness of the unmanifest world that you are aware of now. Feel how this stillness nourishes you. If you cannot receive stillness, you cannot receive. Disappear all resistance as you become the stillness.

Now, with the same grace and finesse that you received stillness, we invite you to receive everything—grace, gifts, love, wisdom, power, abundance, creation—so much that there is no need to identify being served. Receive endlessly—and see what changes you have to make in yourself in order to endlessly receive infinity—everything being served. Let this transform you.

Lose yourself so there is no longer an inflow— you are that which you receive. There is no difference. You have changed. There is no movement from something outside yourself to yourself. There’s a presence, a beingness that has shifted. It is awesome, expanded, huge…Allow yourself to know yourself without needs, wants or desires, to be satisfied, to be sated, to not be yearning, seeking, trying—a triumphant sense of presence and completion in this moment.

Service without needs is the greatest service of all. The greatest creation is for you to have no need to create. You have no need to serve. There are no needs being met. There is simply the overflowing of your creation— that itself is of service.

Our objective is to help you close down the old initiators of being of service— which were usually guilt, or a need for acceptance, approval or appreciation.

In the quantum dimension giving and receiving are one thing. There is no movement from something to something else. Service is not giving something to someone else. It is something quite different. It is a radiant combustion of existence. It is endless creation experienced. Allow yourself to feel endless creation experienced. What’s created isn’t important. It’s the power of endless creation, and you are there… Creator, creation—you are endless. You are all of that!

25512078622650E2FA822650E2F827When your heart and your being is so full that it continually explodes with you across the dimensions of the universe, then you are a true giver and a true receiver. When charity is no longer a decision but is simply an outflow of you, then you are a creator. When you pause not in your thinking whether to receive or to give, then you are living in the moment of power. Our objective is to reset your ability to receive for it is flow that underlies creation, not giving. Flow is inflow and radiance out.

CopyRight 2016

Treasures-2-CD-cover-600x600This is excerpted from MARK's channeled class: "Creation Part 3, Class 1".  You can join Jonette on select Monday evenings for 'MARK's current series "The 9th Dimension of Multiple Realties"

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