Quantum Children-‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette Crowley

Welcome. This is Mark. Many of you are traveling lightly! By mistake, you’ve left all your baggage at the station and you´re on the high speed bullet train now. As you travel you will find you didn’t need that baggage anyway! Welcome to the speed of consciousness. The speed of the future…traveling lightly.

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When you get on that high speed train of consciousness, having left your baggage at the station by mistake, and you sit down in your seat, you will see those special ‘Quantum Children’ are already there. They never did have the baggage that you had to leave behind. If you listen to them they can teach you how to be on a train that moves quickly and does not have so much baggage. If you try to teach them how important baggage is, you will lose them…. and you.

They have different gifts and they are wired in a different way. Their right brains are more open and more often they are left-handed.  They need to be loved for who they are, not what they can do. They need to feel safe, so they can love. The biggest problem with adults is not that you can´t love, it´s that you have huge blocks to being loved. These children need to be able to love. If you can´t love yourself you won´t see them loving you in their way. If you require them to love you in your way again you will miss out! They are brave. Not all the children who are born now are special, and not all of you who are older are not special. You are more like these children than the people you grew up with are. These children are your tribe. Listen to them telepathically and they will tell you how to be with them.

We’ve talked about the quantum world as a world not so much of objects but of relationships and interconnections. It seems that there is time and distance between objects, between events; but in the greater realities, they are all intertwined. They are all different faces of the same Oneness.

Some of the children coming in are already wired for this knowledge. We’ve called them the ‘Quantum Children.’ They are generally less than four years old now though there are some who are up to10-years old. Please don’t get too scientific about the labels— Indigos or Crystals or Millennials or Quantum. The labels are not so important.

These children are born not just with a sixth sense, but if we use your  multi-dimensional nomenclature, we would say a ninth sense. They are more open to multiple simultaneous realities; and as such, they are vaster—more  vast in what they can call forth into this world. They simultaneously communicate in a subliminal way with any other beings who are on those frequency channels. They may not know they do. They cannot remember but they are in constant connection.

If you think about creation, you think of it as a Big Bang, everything burst forth and then expanded to have space and time between the particles of that which was. You understand in physics that anything that has ever been connected is entrained with each other. That means that ultimately every element in the Big Bang was at one time one and is therefore entrained. Therefore there is no time/space distance in the virtual world. These children understand that, and they have the capacity, if it’s opened, to know the vast field of potentiality without needing to choose a particular path.

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In their human life they will choose a path. However, in their quantum aspects, they will be able to interact, share date, and share experiences so that the relationship between them and others becomes stronger and stronger. It is as if they are all sharing the same data on the cosmic cloud. This is building back the human of Oneness—the humans who remember that they are interconnected. Your generation and the generations before you have forgotten the interconnectivity. You can only presume it from your spiritual beliefs but you don’t actually experience it very often.

In the beginning these interconnections, these quantum access points that these Quantum children have will be subliminal. That is so they can exist in a world that is not quite ready for them. The subliminal entrainment and interconnection will begin to grow more and more. As these children mature, their intuition will be spectacular. Their compassion will be easy, and they will have a much more cosmic view of the world.

Some of you have read the books of Anastasia, and she was an unusual being living in Siberia. She could look at the entire universe and solve problems from that global perspective. You might say she and other masters are Quantum Humans. We are teaching you so that you can become more quantum too.

Guided Journey to Connect with the Quantum Children

The best starting place for a journey with the Quantum children is scintillating joy. Scintillating is a sense of being holographic, being fractal. It’s joy not just in yourself. It’s joy that you can experience holographically.

When you’re ready, ask for a Quantum child to connect to you or you to connect with a Quantum child. Just be very alert. Follow what seems to be happening. We’re anticipating that they will connect with you so that you can feel them as a channel or as a node, allowing you to feel their universal and cosmic connections even greater than you know. We don’t think you’ll get to know the child as a personality or anything about them but if you happen to, that’s fine. It’s not essential. Our goal here is to make ourselves known to this internet of Quantum children and to give us an experience of how they connect to the cosmos. So trust yourself. Move into connection with one or more of these children.



Maybe you telepathically hear from the child. Maybe there’s some communication that you can understand. Whatever’s happening, trust it. Be alert and aware and curious. Feel that somehow you are becoming known to this network. Somehow you’re resonating to their skills and abilities. You are knowing and connecting to them, opening to any messages or any communications that are relevant for you. These communications may be subliminal. You may not know what they are but you may know that you’re receiving something. You don’t have to decode it in words. Just be open to receiving.

Open to even more connection, incoming and outgoing. You are not just receiving communications through these Quantum children, but now you are giving communications from your understanding of the Universe, your understanding of being human, your understanding of life. You and these Quantum Children are building bridges.

You’re now nodes for human understanding to pass to these children. Many of these children have not been human very often, so all the great libraries of Earth, all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived, all the connections are moving from you into these children in a quantum way.

The purpose of this connection is to bring your knowledge into these beings who are quantum but unfamiliar with the human experience; and siphoning their quantum cosmic world into you. It’s almost as if you are a mentor or a partner, a big brother or sister to these emerging Quantum humans.

They hold the template of what humanity is going to be, and you are midwives of their birth and their development. Not every child who’s a baby now is a Quantum child. Their numbers are fairly few now but their abilities are massive. Once they connect with each other and with you, they’ll be able to form a gridwork—a Quantum baby gridwork that will magnetize other children in their cohort. Then others who are ready, people like you, will be magnetized into this group. It is a wonderful birth for all.

Excerpted from MARK’s channeled course: The 9th Dimension—Treasures from Beyond Part II, Class 3- Quantum Children and World Intervention.

 ‘MARK’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘MARK’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room at www.JonetteCrowley.com.  To order the audio or transcript of this course click here ‘MARK’ The 9th Dimension of Multiple Realities

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