Spirit of Bali Spiritual Adventure Tour with Jonette Crowley

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Bali is the 2nd of a trilogy of spiritual adventure tours around the Pacific Ring of Fire

Spirit of Bali A Spiritual Adventure Tour

11-days, May 15-25, 2023

Do you long to be touched by a world where spirituality is a way of life, beauty is revered, and ancient traditions nurture your soul?

Then join us in exploring the jewel that is the Indonesian island of Bali. Forged by fiery volcanoes; made fertile by sun and rain. This is a paradise for life itself.

Our tour begins at a relaxed pace with three nights at the beach, including a day trip to Nusa Penida island, visiting the temples there. Then the jungled hills and rice paddies bid us inland to the thriving town of Ubud as our base of exploration. Ubud is home to an ancient spiritual heritage, incredible landscapes, and timeless temples. There is a large community of craftsmen— wood, stone, batik, and jewelry. The town boasts fine restaurants with incredible views and peaceful hotels.


Photo by Mohamed Maail on Unsplash
Bali Vocano

Here Bali’s colorful spirituality exudes from the carved altars everywhere, the women carrying temple offerings of fruits and flowers on their heads. We’ll visit with a priestess, cleanse ourselves at water temples, take part in a full moon ceremony. Our goal is to look deeply into ourselves, giving wings to our hidden spirit. We seek connection with beauty and nature and with the eternal flow of abundance here. In addition to deepening our spirit, we’ll enjoy activities such as rafting, bicycling, a cooking class, hot springs, and an optional early morning hike up Mt. Batur volcano to greet the sunrise.

Throughout our time together in Bali, our senses are opened to the awareness of the material infused with the sublime. Our hearts are opened by the people themselves. Jonette will channel, lead meditations, and conduct several mini-workshops during our time here. We see ourselves, and others in a higher Light. We leave reborn…


About Jonette

Jonette Crowley is an international spiritual teacher, channel, author and spiritual “Indiana Jones.” She has traveled to over 85 countries, often leading groups on spiritual adventure tours. Her two books ‘The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion” are published in 13 languages.

Jonette at the top of Mt. Batur volcano in Bali, with another volcano behind. With her is a white dog...always the sign that she is protected in her spiritual work.


Spirit of Bali Itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change (11-1 version)

Day 1 - Monday, May 15

Arrive in Denpasar, Bali

Check into a Griya Santrian Resort in Sanur. Because of the travel distance to Bali, we strongly suggest that you arrive one or two days early to recover from jet-lag. 

griya santrian pool
Day 2 - Tuesday, May 16

Free Day / Welcome Dinner

A free day to relax at the beach, enjoy a spa treatment, our Indonesian tour company Bali Om can organize an optional snorkel trip for you. Welcome meeting and dinner. 

Griya Beach area
Day 3 - Wednesday, May 17

Boat trip to Nusa Penida Island

One of the most beautiful islands in the world. We will have a spiritual guide with us as we visit three important temples as pilgrims: Goa Giri Putri with its unique prayer area in a cave dedicated to Kwan Yin; Penataran Ped, known as a ‘Universal Temple’ where all forms of prayer are welcomed, and Pura Puncak Mundi, a temple with spectacular views. You’ll be given a sarong to wear at all the temple visits during our tour. 5pm return. Free evening. 

Day 4 - Thursday, May 18

Travel to Ubud / Water Temple Visit

Check into the Alaya Resort, both beautiful and centrally located. This afternoon 2:30pm we visit the beautiful Tirta Empul water temple complex with its healing spring water. Group dinner. 

Titra empul
Day 5 - Friday, May 19

Morning Seminar / Pyramids of Chi

This morning our group works together with Jonette and her guides at the Alaya’s yoga pavilion. Private sound healing ceremony at the Pyramids of Chi. This time is a gift to yourself. Float deeply on the sea of sound, as your spirit is transported to a moving state of transcendent peace. Group dinner. 

Day 6 - Saturday, May 20

New Moon Temple Visit

The Balinese traditionally celebrate both the new moon and the full moon. On this New moon we will depart early for our drive to Bali’s largest and holiest sacred site on the slopes of Mt Aging - Besikih Temple Known as Bali’s ‘Mother’ temple. Here the Earth’s male and female dragon lines cross. This is a very important day for our overall spiritual mission. Free evening to explore the Monkey Forest, shops and restaurants. 

Day 7 - Sunday, May 21

Rafting, and Cooking Class

See Bali’s rural countryside from the river as we raft through rice fields and jungle. Refresh under waterfalls, paddle through the white water. For a different turn, this afternoon we take a Balinese cooking class as we create our own dinner as a group.

Day 8 - Monday, May 22

Free Day/ Evening mini-seminar

Perhaps start the day with an optional downhill cycling tour or enjoy relaxing by the pool, shopping or spa services. We will gather at the yoga hotel's pavilion for a mini-seminar to prepare for our work on the Volcano.

Day 9 - Tueday, May 23

Mt. Batur Volcano hike and hot springs

Bali is above all else an island of active volcanos. Pay homage to the power and majesty of the fire element by partaking in our sunrise volcano hike and mountain top ceremony. This is a difficult hike but it is well worth it and one of the main reasons we are called to Bali. If you cannot do the entire hike, there will be a shorter 1-hour option so you can be in the energy of the incredible Mt. Batur. Next we enjoy a snack and relax our muscles in the area’s natural hotsprings.

Mt Batur at Sunrise
Photo by Frankie Spontelli at Unsplash
Day 10 - Wednesday, May 24

Mini-seminar / Visit to the village Temple

We’ll enjoy the energies of this day and witness the beauty of Bali’s spiritual culture at the celebration at the main temple in Ubud. We celebrate the wisdom we have gained and the love we have shared in our final group Farewell, traditional Indonesian dinner at our Alaya Hotel.

Day 11 - Thursday, May 25

Depart Bali

We say goodbye to our friends who have been part of this spiritual adventure in paradise. 



"The journey to Tibet was a wonderful adventure in an awesome sacred land. I loved the teachings and the sharing of beautiful gifts among ourselves, with the land and its people. It was intense on all levels, with profound spiritual insights – and I know, this journey has changed me forever."



“Jonette's trips are always an incredibly rich blend of fascinating new places, power sites, beautiful nature, potent meditations and wonderful people.  If you feel drawn to participate in one, be assured that you will find it deeply fulfilling and treasure the experiences for the rest of your life.” 

United Kingdom

"This was a most spectacular tour, full of breathtaking sights, inner experiences and group meditations. The MARK-channels were so strong.  I was able to connect to past lives and integrate lost aspects. 

To be with Jonette was so delightful and the group became a family within just a few days. I will never forget this wonderful tour and look forward to my next experiences with our "spiritual Indiana Jones" 



“The journey to Cambodia was phenomenal! Beyond expectations… I loved it all! The harmony in the group  and the support that ensued was beyond anything ever encountered, causing shifts I can hardly fathom.”