FACING EVIL: An Inner Journey to the “Black Temple”

The Black Temple of Atlantis

The Black Temple black templeof Atlantis— a towering obsidian pyramid on the inner planes. Is a place I’ve been guided to go from time to time by White Eagle or MARK. (Black obsidian—volcanic glass, draws darkness to it. So this ‘temple’ hold and resonates every kind of sadness and evil you can imagine.) Always my visits here have been during a group channeled meditation in which we are asked to shine our Light on the dark and sinister beings there. The place is real in another space/time dimension or perhaps it is a metaphor. In spiritual work, healing through a metaphoric understanding is a valid way to work. It has been a few years since I have journeyed to this hellish underworld realm, that is until a shamanic journey last month.

I was with two friends, the leader was drumming while we did our own journeys. In my extremely expanded state—I had just returned from an extraordinarily growthful trip to Israel—I was guided to ‘initiate’ the world. Over the last few months I’ve been called to transmit group initiations from high, wordless states. They come from a realm beyond energy and they bring transformational gifts to the receiver. While neither I nor the receiver can explain what happens—our knowing proclaims the silent immensity of it each time.


If you won’t do it, who will?

Never have I even considered initiating the entire world, as this is a ceremony that I have only done personally by physically touching the receiver. But that day, during that inner journey, I did it. Solar flares of light— like 1 million bomblets of grace, exploded throughout all known existence.

Plasma rivers of gold were triggered within the earth, nature and humanity. Golden lightning crashed open ancient dams of resistance. Purification. Transformation. Tectonic openings. The instant repercussions astounded me. In spite of myself I simply uttered “WOW” into the room.

The blast of Light throughout creation had a thought hooked to it, like the next train car on a line, “Call forth the Dark Lords — the negative controllers of the world.” Instantly I was at the Black Temple of Atlantis. A few disfigured beings in black robes confronted me. “Wait a minute.” I said to myself. “Every other time I’ve been here it has been safely in a group meditation led by my guides White Eagle or Mark. Now I’m alone. Am I safe? Is this wise?” The moment those doubts arose, the shaman who had only been drumming before, recited a poem by the Sufi poet Hafiz. The words he recited came as a direct response to my inner questions, “If you won’t do it, who will?”


Okay then. With confidence renewed I continued on my journey calling forth the Dark Lords from their black abode. Looking at them I made the obvious observation, “You are soulless.” Their reply was instant. “Yes, we’ve sold our souls.” The logic of their explanation was strangely comforting. A dialogue ensued.

“This is a world of redemption and forgiveness,” my higher self communicated to them. “You can get your souls back.”

“You don’t understand,” they communicated. “We sold them for A LOT.”

“Yes, I know. But there is only love and compassion now. You can be forgiven.”

I noticed that while most of these Dark Lords were absolutely resistant, some hesitatingly agreed to try. I witnessed a few making slow headway and bringing back some of the light of their soul. I committed to do Soul Body Fusion® on them as a group. They seemed surprised that I would return to help them. Their belief was that they had done too much wrong in the world and that they don’t deserve help.

During this inner planes exchange, any fear of their black magic was transformed to a well of compassion, even sadness for their plight. Out of pure love we can serve these darkest of beings with Light. It is a slow process but every time I check in, a few more of them are slowly reclaiming their souls.

I shared the experience with my Monday night MARK class. During a meditation, one woman reported that she found herself facing those Dark Lords. She had a similar conversation as I had with them. She reminded them of their inherent divinity. They asked her, “How do we get our souls back?”

Her answer, “You have to really want it. You have to want it for its own sake.”

Feel free to share. www.JonetteCrowley, The Center for Creative Consciousness

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