Why are you here? What are you willing to leave behind? What will you BE now?

Mark 1These are the questions that started our International Gathering of Masters.

Nearly 100 of us participated in a four day ‘MARK’ Intensive, held every two years in the Netherlands. In our very first channeled meditation we were beyond the confines of  normal human limitations. With ‘MARK’ as our tour guide we explored the 8th dimension or Quantum Void and the 9th dimension of multiple realities manifested simultaneously. The group  (many of whom were new to MARK’S work) were easily able to harmonize high frequencies that have never before been so stable.

Descriptions of the spaces we played in are impossible; so close your eyes once you have read this and intend to soar, receiving what we received and more. It is an ever evolving field and we are all doing this together!

Mark Intensive Netherland-Sep15Physically we could feel ourselves adjusting to hold and radiate more light. The point of this work is to have enough people stable at higher levels of universal harmony…  then comes a tipping point where most of us felt a permanent opening in our ability to be aware of greater realities, greater unity and cosmic love. There is no going back.

During our four magical days together we interspersed meditations and group processes with other experiences, such as the ‘Activation of Deborah’.  You can experience this and an initiation of the Golden Codes of Life as well as a baptism of spirit in our Blue Moon Initiation.  Click here for the audio download or CD.

elspeetThe retreat center was in the woods, so one morning we went outside to connect with the parallel world of the Sidhe (pronounced ‘Shee’) who some call the Faerie people. I felt the electricity build, goosebumps everywhere as we held the space of standing stones and dancers. Some participants ‘saw’ these magical beings, felt them playing, or heard them laughing. My belief is that once the doors are open we can easily connect to their world on our own.

The fourth day gifted us with a meditation experience that was life-changing. It felt as if we broke through a glass-ceiling inhuman consciousness, beyond which was unspeakable support and harmony. ‘MARK’ said we changed the timeline, as if the Earth moved out of a danger zone, a potential catastrophe mitigated.

glassceiling3I heard the words, “You’ve completed what you came to Earth to do.” It is impossible to process the immensity of that statement as it confirmed the magnitude of the shift we could all sense.

If you would like to be part of this experience, the audio downloads of the ‘MARK’ Intensive workshop will be available on November 1st on our website.  Previous ‘MARK” classes are currently available on www.JonetteCrowley.com 

With Love and Light, Jonette

CopyRight 2015 JonetteCrowley

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