Reconfigure Your Brain Beyond Limitation

Art from the Cosmos 10 - Mandala 10

This amazing channeled art comes from Brad Johnson, a Christmas tree farmer in Minnesota. For years he has been receiving these drawings, not understanding their purpose. This is the first time he has made them public. Allow yourself to communicate with the energies of these doorways.

Included with this week’s drawing is a channeling I did recently from Mark’s new course introducing us to the experience of Multiple Parallel Realities — the 9th Dimension.

“This is Mark.

“What the experience of multiple simultaneous realities will do is reconfigure your brain so that you are not limited by the life that says your choices are based on the past, your choices are based on mass consciousness, or your choices are based on karma. All of this can be superseded and will be superseded. You will experience these multiple realities at first by a sense that you are temporarily pulsing out of this world and momentarily losing your grip on this reality. You instantly feel something bigger, or know something unknowable, or have an insight that had no precursor, or have answers that you didn’t have questions for. There will be more of a sense that you’re on the edge, where all things happen. Humans have been afraid of choices. Limitations have limited you because that’s all your reality and your brain set-up could handle. But imagine having choices that are not mutually exclusive. You can have your cake and eat it too. This is what you will be welcoming as we play over the next couple of years with 9th dimensional reality. This reality is more colorful than the quantum world of the 8th dimension — which was empty of manifestation.

The result in your life is strength, confidence—not just self-confidence— which is confidence based on something quite small—yourself—but confidence that is based on ultimately being interwoven with the universe, a knowing that has no explanation yet empowers you.” 

(Copyright 2014

‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

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