Reprogramming the Earth’s Crystals by Jonette Crowley

copyright 2014

 3 Cosmic Geometric SolidsSquare

25 years ago when I first began channeling Mark, I was constantly surprised by what came out of my mouth. Now he still comes out with astonishing insights— but I’m used to it. 😉

All those years ago Mark told me that great epochs of time – many millions of years — are ‘governed’ or are controlled by certain geometric shapes. The period we are in now is associated with the cube. That makes sense as we live in a limited but relatively stable 3-D world within time and space. It is constrictive. A cube has an up and down-there is polarity/duality—which often leads to conflict.


PyramidThe transitional Platonic solid or shape that moves us from the world of the cube is the three-sided, equilateral pyramid or tetrahedron. The Greek letter ‘delta,’ signified by a triangle, is used even now to signify change. I believe that the 4-sided pyramids of Giza, Mexico and elsewhere— with their square bases and triangular faces— are shapes meant to move us out of the cube and into the triangle of transition.


Ultimately— in millions or billions of years — we will be in the realm governed by the sphere, a shape in which all points are equal, there can be no hierarchy or duality and it is expansive, not limited.


The Earth Grid or Matrix

Over the years, I’ve clairvoyantly seen some fundamental shifts in the patterns of the Earth’s grid work. Until the end of 2010 I saw it as the traditional looking square, graph-paper matrix that surrounded and inter-penetrated the Earth.

In late 2010 while doing a major ceremony in the Great Pyramid in Giza on the solstice, I was startled to see a shift in the normally square matrix. It became a grid-work of ascending and descending triangles, intersecting with each other creating diamond-shaped portals. The Earth’s matrix became more flexible, more fluid and more dynamic. The normally regulatory and controlling cubes gave way to diamond movements and facets. Triangles usher in change. Two weeks later the Arab Spring began in Cairo.

In May 2013 while meditating with a group at the Acropolis in Athens, the Earth’s grid showed itself to me as moving waves of golden plasma. It looked like the harmonic rising of golden snakes within the Earth, an awakening and repositioning of the lay lines. There is an aliveness and movement within the Earth that I’ve never witnessed before. The plasma ‘look’ to this golden movement reminds me that the 4 states of matter in ascending order of energy are: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma is a material state with strange properties due to its energy or vibrational level.

Reprogramming the Earth’s Crystalline Grid

CrystalWe all understand the programability of crystals. If we assume the Earth was formed during the epoch of the cube—necessary to stabilize 3-D life, then the base ‘operating system’ of the Earth’s crystals were programmed to hold us within the limits of ‘the box.’ We find ourselves imprisoned in the duality and seeming reality of the 3-D world.

High consciousness can reprogram crystals. For millions of years the crystals within the Earth have been set on the default program for 3-D reality. Now that enough humans are waking up, raising their vibrations, and becoming conscious we are finally able to use our intention and the principle of entrainment to begin to update the crystalline operating system to something that supports our spiritual evolution.

How Do You Do It?

Gather in groups—they can be virtual or actual, big or small. Join your awareness together into a space of high consciousness, love and Oneness. It helps to do this at a power place, or on a powerful day, such as an equinox, solstice, eclipse, or even a full moon. If you don’t have a group and it isn’t a special day, do it anyway. Our open heart, high consciousness and intention are all it takes. Of course you can create a ceremony or meditation if you like, but it all goes back to clear intention. Connect in love with the Earth’s crystalline matrix…you may actually feel when the connection is made because the crystals also share a world of consciousness. While connected or ‘entrained’ with the crystalline matrix intend or ask that the crystals move from their ancient 3D program to a new program that supports the Earth and mankind’s continual evolution. It isn’t important that you know how the crystals will do this, just assume that they are ‘waiting for your command.’ I believe that human consciousness has finally reached a vibrational level where this reprogramming is now possible. We are in the middle of a quantum leap or ‘tipping point’ where our clear intention becomes a catalyzing beacon for change.

Part of the mission of our upcoming spiritual tour to Turkey will be to work with the crystalline structures and inner-Earth beings to update the support system for the rapid spiritual evolution of humankind. We hope to post short videos from some of the power places. Please follow me on FaceBook to stay up to date by clicking on the Facebook Logo


sphinxJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

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