Manipulation of Energies to Serve Conflict MARK channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2014

(Note: Jonette will be leading a spiritual trip to Turkey in May. We will post on Facebook and YouTube along the way, so that all can participate. This is part of a 3-country spiritual mission that MARK directed several years ago. In 2013 we went to Crete to work with reversing portals and stargazes and receive some powerful initiations. May will be Turkey. Next year we will travel to Israel. We are always given very interesting missions for each journey …  amazing and unpredictable things happen for the participants, the group,and the Earth.)

The work in Turkey will bridge into areas that you cannot easily go: Mesopotamia— the energies of Syria, Iran, and Iraq.  There has been a great deal of manipulation of the life force in those areas.  Manipulation to serve conflict, and to separate humanity’s natural love for itself into tribes.  That manipulation is an active emanation that is coming from off planet but has “repeaters” in Turkey and in those other nations.  Your work will be to isolate the stellar sources of such interference and to mirror the energy back to it’s source rather than allowing the energy of conflict, separation and hatred to become codified in human behavior.

Humans want to love.  So when you see humans who take to war against each other, this is evidence of manipulation.  The Mars, martial, military energy embedded in Turkey is of long standing.  The pilgrims who go there may feel unusual electrical currents in different locations. The group will be strong enough to hinder this continual interference.  It may not be an easy trip, for the energy of conflict may show up.  But those who are sterling in their Light will be drawn to this journey no matter what and will serve in a great capacity.  The reward personally, as a group, and to the Earth is an innocent sweetness that isn’t childlike. Often you think of innocence and sweetness as a childlike quality, but please imagine innocent sweetness that is in itself mature and wise. This quality has been missing from humanity in all except the most secret Priesthoods and Priestesshoods.  The quality of mature, wise, innocent sweetness will come to grow more in the hearts of travelers, and by extension, become more available to the hearts of humanity.

Israel…  Jerusalem especially is a place of golden plates, golden tablets, golden plasma energy.  That powerful gold – not necessarily physical gold – has followed the way of tribal warfare from the same overlay we talked about in Turkey. This manipulation or conflictual overlay has misaligned the energies of Jerusalem. Jerusalem very much holds  ‘navel’ energies for all of humanity.

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