"Love / Power Wash" MARK Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Jonette Crowley / Center for Creative Consciousness copyright 2014      www.centerforcreativeconsciousness.com
From LOVE, Part 1 course, channeled from Mark.  
Artwork by Juliana Boneva Nilsson    www.konstgalleri.se/juliana

powerwash"Welcome great ones. This is Mark.

We wish you knew how great you are, but perhaps then you would be one of these people who we are trying to encompass with love. In your humility, in your humbleness you are so grand and the world does somersaults because you exist in it.

Our topic is still love. It will endlessly be love. Love is the power field. Love is the clay from which form is created. Love is the template and the pattern. Love is the outcome.

As we look at this world right now and we look at the power structures of money, the power structures of banking, the power structures of government, the power structures of hierarchy, the power structures in education, corporations, we see a lot of disconnection from Mother Earth where there is exploitation of the earth and of people. This exploitation can be addressed by reconnecting, not the structures, because they are results of the people, reconnecting the people at all levels of power and wealth and intellect with the earth, with their humanity.

We believe we’ll start this topic or this journey that we will call “Power Wash” with a great wave of reconnection, a great wave of humility. Imagine your greater soul connecting with the greater souls and lights of others. Create a strong and formidable field of light, a field of love, a field that is gentle and powerful. Create it not as an idea simply, but as part of you. Some of you create things outside your head when you come to a Mark class. We want you to create it inside your body, connection, a great wave of humility, of power, of love. Feel it within you and outside until you’re resonating with this field.

Notice yourself as part of a field that encircles the earth, a powerful field of gentle love, of light, of inclusion and equality, a glimmering field of hope and grace, a field of goodness, a field that opens hearts and souls. You are part of it.

As this field strengthens journeyers, you may notice with your inner imagination that there are those individuals around the world who feel apart from this field of love, feel isolated either because they feel lower and undeserving of this love or they feel higher and arrogant, isolated in their power. Whatever the reason, find these souls that have isolated themselves from this grand field of love and find the arms of this field coming out embracing them, bringing them like a child back to the fold of love and light, back to the connection, back to their humanity. Whether it’s the powerless or the over powerful, seek them out and bring them into this field. We will give silence while you work your magic.

Let’s remind you; even though we said individuals you don’t have to do them individually.

Find your own hearts open as you collect these ones who have found themselves out of the stream of love tethering them back into this stream of grace and humanity and equality and brotherhood and sisterhood. Let all feel safe here. Those who use power and control for safety, those who were afraid, let the feeling of safety and belonging, the feeling of being embraced by you and Mother Earth spread to these people, these lost ones. You feel the light that’s created as they accept some of this love that’s offered to them unconditionally. They don’t need power to have it. They don’t need money to buy it. You’re offering it to them. You don’t need violence. There is love. There is abundance for all. Feel this and let them see it, feel it. Embrace them with it. Embrace those parts of you too.

Let this include cultural power, the power in cultures that give men power over women that make different casts powerless to other casts that have power and influence. Let this love, this form that you’re creating move out and encompass cultural power, cultural norms that make power uneven sending out unconditional love in this way.

This begins to heal the power of rich over poor, the power of the educated over the uneducated. Feel love everywhere, washing power.

Let’s spread this to include structural power, the power of secrets, the power of elitism, the power of secret societies, the power of secret councils or boards, and the power that’s wielded behind closed doors. Feel the love go there encompassing them unconditionally, bringing them into the fold weakening structural unevenness of power. This one is big. We’re going to give you some silence as you look at the structures that you are drawn to. Send this love, grace, gentleness, humility, and inclusion to power structures however old they are. Let the light move through them

You will know your work is good because you feel a gentleness, you feel a deeper compassion without strings than you’ve ever felt before. You feel a clearing. You feel a greater light upon this earth, a greater flow, a greater hopefulness, a greater tolerance. Where there was roughness and competition you feel gentleness and kindness, and you feel it not just in your personal experience, but it’s as if you can feel it in the experience of your brothers and sisters, humanity.

You’ve got the field now. Together, imagine it’s getting stronger and stronger. It becomes a self-fueling battery, a self-fueling field, so that it continues to support kindness, gentleness, love rather than power, isolation and greed. It’s as if you’ve found it now, and now through your own gifts, your own centeredness, ramping it up.

We have to say you are doing very good work. This channel was talking about the elders and the wisdom keepers. They do work that they can, but they do not connect with the power structures that you know in your world so they cannot reach these places that you are reaching now. This is your work. This is your contribution. This is your gift. If you’ve felt this outside yourself, bring it into you, through you, so you are part of the field and the experience is whole.

This energy field has followed you into a higher dimension as if it went through the 8th dimension, so the power wash is going inter-dimensional now. We’ll just follow it and guide it silently.

We are in awe of the complexities of your dimensional abilities. You’re easily sliding into places and opening them up, places you don’t even know you’re going. As a teacher we are pleased with the mastery you’re showing. You don’t have to think about it. It’s just happening because of the consciousness that you’ve created.

Something interesting is happening. You know about solar flares, sun storms of electrons that come off of the sun. Imagine though that you are creating earth flares of this sort of energy bubbling up almost like volcanoes out of the field that you’ve created, into other dimensions. Maybe we’ll call them souler flares, s-o-u-l-e-r, coming out from the earth blasting into other dimensions of time and space. Something has certainly opened here.  It’s like a great deal of sunspot activity right here on earth dancing, flaring, shining, and bulging.

It is very intense. Allow your cells to find a centered place, but it may be different than you left yourself when you exited your original experience.

Thank you. This is Mark."

Jonette Crowley / Center for Creative Consciousness copyright 2014      www.centerforcreativeconsciousness.com
From LOVE, Part 1 course, channeled from Mark.   
Artwork by Juliana Boneva Nilsson    www.konstgalleri.se/juliana
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