"Loving the Unlovable" MARK as Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Jonette Crowley / Center for Creative Consciousness copyright 2014      www.centerforcreativeconsciousness.com
From LOVE, Part 1 course, channeled from Mark. 
Artwork by Juliana Boneva Nilsson    https://www.konst.se/juliana

jbn heart“Greetings loved ones. This is Mark.

Love is certainly the elixir of the future, the elixir of youth, the elixir of wellbeing. Today we will work with the alchemical properties of love to modify and transform things that are inherently unloving, so that love can be the ingredient in everything, in the darkness, in the struggle, in the pain, in the hurt, in the horror, in the unthinkable, that love is the ingredient. We want to help use your consciousness to break

open the lines between this is good and this is bad, this is love and this is not love. While those lines are there, there is polarity. There is conflict. We want the lines to be erased so that love can be like a dam breaking and be clearly seen, not washing away the struggle or the pain or the difficulty but actually being made with the same clay as the difficulty into something new, so that love becomes an ingredient in all things. We’re not really sure how this will unfold, but as you know it always does.

Find in your soul self the frequency, the state of love. Love is a huge state, but each of you has a vibration that is your stamp of love. Find love for you. It should feel sweet, like a sweet spring that never ends and your particular flavor of love should feel like it fits you perfectly, that it could go into every nook and cranny of your cells and be at home there and make everything about you more complete. There’s no place that this personalized love can’t fit in you.

It has the feeling of continuousness. It has the feeling of sweetness, of nourishment, and the feeling of fitting you perfectly, your brand of love. Like an electrical coil of wire holds energy, imagine that your particular flavor of love becomes condensed. It becomes a coil. There’s a generator created of your flavor of love. It gets stronger and stronger. It still feels sweet and complete. You might feel your body heating up.

It is your particular stamp or flavor of love that is the elixir, that is the tonic that can turn around things that are unlovable and unloved. You don’t need this global kind of love, this love that becomes an idea or a concept. We want it to be this personal continually generating infinite spring of your love. That is what you use in this.

What we have figured out with you is if love is a concept, you don’t quite have it. We’re trying this approach of having the love be totally personal, your flavor, your love. The kind of love that makes you feel cuddled and caressed and safe and shiny.

Now come the graduation exercises. We’re going to have you use your flavor of love to transform things that you might think have no love in them at all. We would like you to imagine a scene of pain. It could be that you’re feeling it or you’re watching it in a movie, but a scene of pain. Let this energy of your personal love move into the pores of the pain, the pixels of the picture, into every element of this scene of pain until this love sweeps into it. It’s not washing away. It’s not a love tsunami that just renders the pain gone. It goes into the picture, into the scene, into the 3D-ness of the pain rather than dissolving it or washing it away.

We’re going to go to another step of pain, and that is the pain of terror. You’re watching the news and seeing terrorists. You’re seeing people hunted down in the streets of their own towns or villages.

Imagine again a scene and it could be quite 3D, of terror, of terror that is so unbelievable. Find that scene and then let this love again impregnate it, not wash it away, but become part of the DNA of this scene. That stuff of this love goes into the stuff of this scene. It feeds itself into the buildings and into the road. It feeds itself into the people. It feeds itself into their emotions, into their past, into their future. It’s not some holier than thou love, it’s your special sweet imprint of love. As you do this, observe what shifts, how it shifts, how you shift, what opens up.

As you do this, it’s not like you are loving terror, you’re not necessarily even fixing terror, but through terror you are loving. You are love. You are creating something new. You’re moving into terror, through it in many dimensions. Notice that you’re not affected by the terror even though you’re spreading your special kind of love into the space, into the field, into the picture. It’s not coming back at you. You do not need to protect yourself. Notice there are changes in you.

Look back at yourself now. What shifts do you notice? What can you feel?

If you’re watching your scene now, notice that it might be changing. It feels that the terror is moving into hate so that your special brand of love is moving into being an ingredient of hate. It’s moving in to morph hate, but still honoring the history of the hate, not washing it away saying it’s bad, but moving inside it and transforming it from inside itself. If you follow that, it feels that the hate behind the hate is always a fear and that your special brand of love is going into the fear, giving it choices, giving it options, power, support.

We want you to know that you can do anything. You can apply this special brand of your love to anything no matter how horrific, and you aren’t harmed. You aren’t harmed in any way.

Let’s make the terror more personal. This is really a test of how you can hold this sweet, ever flowing infinity of love and hold things that might be terrifying to you.

Imagine that you are walking into your own nightmare, whatever it is, people taking your money, a fire. We’re asking you to put yourself in your fear, in your terror. It’s not someone else. Your breath gets a little short. That shows you’re doing it. You’re feeling tense. It’s just a picture, but you’re in the picture, darkness, fear, struggle, pain, terror, hopelessness, and loneliness, whatever is a pain for you.

What happens when you put yourself in this kind of nightmare is your body goes into its rote reaction to that sort of scenario and it’s not pleasant. Your body starts sending different chemicals around. Now, because you are bigger than your imagination, imagine that condensed, generated love quality moving in through you, through your terror, through your hopelessness, through your pain, that you are transforming you even in the nightmare. This love pixilates into your picture, to your feelings, to your old habits, there’s a nurturing sweetness, a lightness, a wellbeing, a goodness that replaces every molecule of fear and terror. Sit while this transformation takes place. Hold it deep and hold it real so that it is more than just an exercise. It is a personal act of transformation. We will be silent for many minutes.

You might ask yourself, what would it feel like if you were to in this instant, transform all your fear? How would it feel to be fearless from this moment on?

You might look at what might it feel like to be unable to be pained from this moment on. The pain is immediately transformed through this alchemy of love. Yes, something might hurt, you stub your toe, but the pain of the pain is absent. Feel that. Let that settle into your present.

Feel all those levels of pain and hardship, of terror and fear be transformed so that you can actually feel the physical, emotional buttons dissolving in the face of this love, this self love. Feel it going deep into your persona, to you past and to your future, into your past lives and future lives.

Can you feel that the transformation, that when this love hits pain or terror or any of these other emotions, it becomes stronger. It takes on a dimensionality. It’s not just pure love, the concept of love; it becomes love as an activating force in life, as a creative force in life, as a creative force through pain, through struggle, through fear, through terror.

Let yourself now imagine you’re rising like a Phoenix and this love is in every atom of your resurrected self, this personal love, this love that is your flavor. What is resurrection but a lifting of light after pain, after limitation? Feel now a personal resurrection.

Really feel, own this power of resurrection so that no matter where you are stuck, either seeing pain, knowing it in your life, seeing terror, knowing it in your life, seeing darkness or hate or knowing it in your life, but there is in it the love resurrection in everything.

The power of resurrection is Love.

Thank you.”

JonetteCrowley.com copyright 2014
From LOVE, Part 1 course, channeled from Mark.
Beautiful Artwork by Juliana Boneva Nilsson
Please visit: https://www.konst.se/juliana
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