Odyssey to Mysterious Turkey

The Journey Continues… for the next couple of weeks, I am going to be posting some enticing information about our upcoming "Odyssey" to Beautiful and Mysterious Turkey with an Option to continue to Ephesus!

We have fantastic Early Bird Pricing until January 24!  Please consider joining us, it will be an amazing adventure!



May 5 - 16th 2014 ,

Early bird pricing until January 24!
 For details of our May trip go to www.CenterforCreativeConsciousness.com
Our Odyssey will encompass the ever-exotic city of Istanbul, then to the strange geological wonderland of Cappadocia. The amazing sites, each with it’s own story...  sometimes defies our logical view of history! We will be looking for the real truth and power of these places, using our journey for initiation, growth, and service.
Channeled from White Eagle in the Sinai desert:
“Much has been covered over in wisdom and much has been covered over in energy. Your groups are seeking to dig below – not of empty tombs— but spiritual archaeologists, seeking to dig below the overlays of false civilizations that humanity has implanted over the true roots of humanity’s inception which was in love.”
CAPPADOCIA with its Martian landscape and fairy chimneys. Here you feel the wind and feel a mystical place of wonder.  You will explore the famous Goreme Open Air Museum, an underground city and experience the dance of the Whirling Dervish. Take an option on a hot air balloon and see the magic from above.
Derinkuyu’s  Massive, Ancient Underground City
Derinkuyu’s underground city was only discovered in the 1960s. It’s 18-story below-ground levels were hidden for centuries right under everyone’s noses. Derinkuyu is the largest of hundreds of underground complexes built by a neolithic man?? around the eighth century B.C. The sophisticated complex is a system of underground chambers capable of sustaining 20,000 people. The city was probably used as a giant bunker to protect its inhabitants from either war or natural disaster. It had access to fresh flowing water, fresh air vents,  individual

quarters, shops, communal rooms, tombs, arsenals, livestock, and escape routes. There’s even a school, complete with a study room. Here is some information on Sufi Whirling.

Enticed yet?  Plan on joining us and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing! www.centerforcreativeconsciousness.com

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  1. Anonymous on January 21, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you very much for the info. on the Dervish Sufi whirling, I have better understanding now. Rel Telford

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