Ignite Your Truth Workshop


2022 brings vast cosmic frequencies of Truth to illuminate your path so you can easily leap into your highest level of being.

Walk your highest path on this recorded 2-day workshop with Jonette channeling MARK

Pre-Recorded Zoom Event

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Ignite YOUR Truth Walking your Highest Path

A MARK Weekend Workshop channeled by Jonette

About the Workshop

Which of the 7 Soul Groups do you belong to?

"The 7 Soul groups was a big domino effect in my life." Sascha

2022 brings vast cosmic frequencies of Truth to illuminate your path so you can easily leap into your highest level of being.

Jonette channels MARK who lifts you to reach transcendent spiritual states. What seems to be true in our polarized world is instantly blasted open when our consciousness grasps the higher planes of peace, joy, and oneness. These experiences with MARK and Jonette bring permanent breakthroughs.

The good that is coming to Earth is far greater than you can visualize. You are active alchemists in helping this ascension happen. It happens through you and because of you.

The Veils are thin, transmuting what came before and lifting you into new possibilities.

Jonette, as an elder and ‘Grandmother,’ partners with MARK, her multidimensional guide to lift you powerfully onto your true path.

  • Learn which of the 7 Soul Groups you belong to
  • Empower your path of Truth
  • Clear yourself of harmful patterns
  • Align to new personal potentials
  • Connect more clearly to your Shamballa Team
  • Live daily from your highest self

About the Year of Truth

2022 The Year of Truth

Truth calls you home to yourself. High frequencies of 2022 act like lasers separating that which is temporal—serving ego purposes, from eternal reality. The great wheel of karma has an off-ramp now. You are called inward to confront habits, reactions, and belief systems that don’t serve your envisioned self. You are called outward to radiate compassion, non-judgment, and universality. This year is a purging fire, a great steaming alchemy that gives birth to unprecedented new directions

You are so supported NOW to make the changes you’ve been yearning for!

What People Are Saying About Ignite Your Truth Workshop...

“Ignite Your Truth" was amazing! I now understand the difference between reaction and creation. It is so liberating and gives me such calmness.”  ~ Margit


“Thank you so much for the unspeakably unimaginable, amazing MARK workshop! It was another fantastic leap and shift on such a very rewarding journey.”  ~ Corrine


“The old is gone and everything is new!”  ~ Maria


“I’ve taken many courses. This one is so special… more complete and bold with regard to the future. I have no words…”  ~ Thomas


“I’ve never known feeling so loved, whole and complete! The weekend was overwhelming… In a wonderful way. “  ~ Beatrice


I can move ahead without blinders.”  ~ Illonka


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