Update from an Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone

Danish nurse and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner volunteers at an Ebola clinic.

Follow her story, share it with others… Help by doing remote Soul Body Fusions® along with her.

Guest Blog by Tine Dideriksen

(The blog is taken from emails from Tine to Jonette)

December 2014

I went to the Soul Body Fusion® class in Copenhagen in 2014. I am a nurse and in the end of the class, you asked what we would do with SBF in the future. I have volunteered to go to Sierra Leone and work as a nurse in an Ebola treatment center. Please help me by holding a space for Soul Body Fusion®.

SBF has changed my life. Because of that, I now do what I dream of; I go into the world and help, using nursing skills and Soul Body Fusion®.

January 2015

SBF teacherHaving finished almost 2 weeks of practice, I am now ready to go with my team to Sierra Leone. I have done Soul Body Fusion® almost every day—on myself, on the team, the mission and individual team members. I must say, whenever I feel stressed or confused about it all, SBF does wonders. I instantly return to my body and the connection is very strong. I feel in tune with my soul in another way. It feels like my soul is more present all the time, and that I connect and tune in with just a thought. It is a different feeling. Almost like this mission is making the connection stronger every minute. I feel love and at peace. Which is strange, because I am leaving all I know and going into the unknown. I have no control, only within, and that would normally make me feel uncomfortable. Now I just greet the feeling and let it be. (The photo is in my scrubs before I left for Africa.)

February 2015

TentsFirst week in Sierra Leone, Port Loko district, has passed by fast. We arrived early morning at Lungi Airport. Guards asked us to wash our hands in chlorine water, have our temperature checked and to fill out forms. In the early morning we reached basecamp and my new home for the next 7 weeks. Everything is very different from home. On day 2 I cried and wanted to go home. Everything seemed so different and I did not know where to put myself. Luckily my family and a good new friend (from the team) helped me through. I now feel much better again.

At the ETC (Ebola Treatment Center) we have about 20 patients now. They are all very sick. We have many children. 2 days ago we lost a two month old baby girl, she survived Ebola, but died anyway. Most children under the age of 5 years die from Ebola. Please help me send Soul Body Fusion® to all patients here. They are in desperate need. I did SBF on the baby girl and I know she died, but while doing it I saw light around her. She looked peaceful. I saw angels sitting with her. The SBF may not heal the patients and make them free of Ebola, but it makes their passing so much more peaceful. And even though they die, I think Soul Body Fusion® heals them spiritually and helps their souls on their path. Most of them die alone. It is too hot for us to stay with them.

GardenYesterday was pretty crazy at the Center. In the evening we got results from a family of 8. We had to separate them, leaving two children alone in the ‘not-confirmed’ ward—the girl is 7 years and her baby brother is 20 months. She now has to look out for her brother for the next 72 hours until we get the results  of the second test. If negative again, they have to be sent away. They cry —heartbreaking when we take them away from the fence. Their parents are very sick.

A woman went into labour, we did not know she was pregnant. We were not allowed to touch her much, because blood from birth and corpses are the most infectious. All pregnant women miscarry and the children die as a result of Ebola. She was stable last night.

A man was dying and I had to leave him. Knowing it would be another hour before he could get morphine.

Before going into the ETC I pray for help and support. I ask that my soul will guide me. Please pray with me.

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