Ectoplasm? REALLY?

 It shocked me so I gasped, startling Ed, who was driving us to the airport for our recent spiritual adventure trip to Romania. ‘Smoke’ seemed to be billowing around in front of me. “Oh my god, the car must be on fire,” I thought. Only thing is, after 3 seconds the white mist disappeared as suddenly as it appeared....and... it didn’t smell like smoke.

“That was weird,” I told Ed. “I can still taste it.” Ed didn’t see it, but Ev, our friend in the back seat, admitted to seeing the ‘smoke’ out of the corner of her eye.

“So what just happened?” I pondered. I kidded that “If I die suddenly, it was the mysterious white mist,” though it didn’t feel like a foreign spirit or energy.

Later, while leading a Soul Body Fusion Teacher’s Certification course in Sweden, I asked the class if anyone had any idea what the white vapor could have been. “Ectoplasm,” was the immediate response. “Isn’t ectoplasm the green slime in Ghost Busters?” I mused. But the answer seemed intuitively correct.

Wikipedia says that ectoplasm is a white substance -- gelatinous, stringy or vaporous -- that sometimes emanates from mediums during trance. It comes out of their mouth, nose, ears, or skin... especially in the chest or solar plexus area. It disappears quickly when exposed to light.

Bingo. The white vapor was swirling in front of my chest. It disappeared quickly. And, I could ‘taste’ it. But... I wasn’t in a trance, channeling or even thinking of spiritual things when it happened.

It is still a mystery to me. White Eagle explained that ectoplasm is a materialization between this world and other dimensions. In April, Mark channeled that one of our next advanced steps would be the process of manifesting beings -- real creation. The Buddhists call such beings ‘Yidams.’ Mark used a popular word, we would be practicing with creating our own ‘avatar.’

In the Keystone Dialogues, channeled from Mark in July, he led us in a meditation to create a ‘Blue Being Avatar.’

Perhaps the appearance of this ectoplasm is reminding me that we are creators and we do have the ability to manifest into this physical world. I will certainly keep you posted on this new phenomena!


  1. newbornspirit on March 21, 2013 at 8:30 am

    I am so happy to have found your page! This misty white “smoke” has been plaguing me during meditation for a week now and I had no idea what it could have been. The first time I experienced this it appeared as though it was in front of me (in my minds eye) kind of in the middle of the room, so I thought it would evolve into a spirit manifestation. Then I was meditating two days ago and I saw this hazy mist again but this time, emanating from me. It was kind of around my head and face (in my minds eye). I don’t know what to make of it really as I have only been developing mediumship since November and was under the impression that it would take years to become proficient!

    • Jessica on September 26, 2021 at 1:12 pm

      Hey I have been wondering the same thing this happens to me a lot I just thought I was dying or something was wrong with me. So what do I do

  2. ellen on November 8, 2012 at 11:15 am

    40 years ago I experienced the totally unexpected: the white fog filling my bedroom, then I were slowly moved into void, accompagned by a deep sound and growing heat.Then into nothingness except for consciousness….. then particles of light and dark, then falling with the dark ones into my body again, partly, because half left of my body was not there and it took some effort to make heartbeat and breathing ertc….
    Never happened again, but it helps – the Mark-classes was really resonnating with me because of this (and some years later an unvolontary travel through a black hole)
    Such things does not happen to me anymore,
    even if I now are much more “into” this stuff. Then I knew nothing

  3. jodygoodman on October 17, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Interesting topic, Jonette! Funny how Hollywood has tainted everything. 😀 Will be listening for your updates.

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