Angel of Support Meditation


The Angel of Support offers compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and comfort for these confusing times and during times of rapid growth and change. This Angel will become one of your closest helpers!


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Gifts of the Angels Series Angel of Support

#3 of 12

During confusing times, during times of rapid growth and change, She is there to offer compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and comfort. We have rarely allowed ourselves to be so open and unconditionally supported. This Angel and all in the Angelic realms remind us that we don’t have to do anything alone. The meditation invites you to go deep inside to be supported in releasing what no longer supports you. By the end, you feel your own true power surging up, and together with the Angel of Support, you radiate powerful support to your loved ones and all on Earth. This Angel will become one of your closest helpers.

About the Series

“Our world needs these angelic attributes of grace - now more than ever” 

While meditating about this series Jonette was encircled by a group of Angles. She was awed to be so clearly approached by the angelic realm willing to share their grace.

In each of these 12 meditations, a glorious angel appears and gifts you with their specific qualities and support. You will experience these unique energies merging into your light body. You will be beautifully surprised by the clarity and strength of these upgrades and your readiness to receive qualities that previously were ascribed only to the angels.


How Do I Get My Meditations?

You have 2 options:

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You will receive 2 MP3 files to download: 1) introduction to the meditation  2) guided meditation


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Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Use coupon code: buy3get1

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