Angel of Learning Meditation


This Angel touches our heart to clear away outgrown beliefs while restructuring us to stand in the abundant flow of wisdom from the Universe. She reminds us to “learn without lessons.” 


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Gifts of the Angels Series Angel of Learning

#2 of 12

This Angel touches our heart to clear away outgrown beliefs while restructuring us to stand in the abundant flow of wisdom from the Universe. She reminds us to “learn without lessons.” The meditation transports you to an incredibly strong state that leaves you with a sense of certainty and clarity. In the Old Testament, Dina or Jophiel is the Archangel who is the great teacher of the prophets. She is said to be the guardian of the Seventh Heaven.

Be prepared for this angelic meeting to open you to a cascade of spontaneous insights! The night Jonette recorded this she had very clear dreams showing her where she is in resistance to flow in her life. Enjoy this support to your personal and spiritual growth.


About the Series

While meditating about this series Jonette was encircled by a group of Angles. She was awed to be so clearly approached by the angelic realm willing to share their grace.

In each of these 12 meditations, a glorious angel appears and gifts you with their specific qualities and support. You will experience these unique energies merging into your light body. You will be beautifully surprised by the clarity and strength of these upgrades and your readiness to receive qualities that previously were ascribed only to the angels.


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Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Use coupon code: buy3get1

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