MARK Intensive 2022 “YOU Beyond You”


3-day MARK workshop Friday, Oct 7 – Sunday, Oct 9, 2022

Live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands or Online via Zoom (everyone receives Zoom links)

Join us on Monday, 10-10

Quantum Soul Body Fusion Netherlands 2022

1-day Advanced Soul Body Fusion® class Monday, Oct 10th

Live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, or Online via Zoom (everyone receives Zoom links)



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MARK Intensive YOU Beyond You

A Wake-up Call for Everything You Are!

“Blast into your next higher orbit of personal growth. Open to quantum spaces for insights, healing, and access to your own power and grace. This is a transmutation of everything that has come before.”
- Grandmother Jonette

Attend in person in Nijmegen, the Netherlands or join Remotely via Zoom

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Friday, Oct 7 - Registration 9:15 / Start 10:00 - 17:30 CEST
Saturday, Oct 8 & Sunday, Oct 9  - 9:30 - 17:30 CEST


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USD: $797 paid by Credit Card only

Lunch (for in-person attendees), join via Zoom meeting (for virtual attendees), downloadable recordings (for all)


Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte
Oude Holleweg 5, 6572 AA Berg en Dal
Phone: +31 (0)24 684 2000

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Event Details

Join us at this extraordinary live event as Jonette channels ‘MARK’ for an international 3-day Intensive Workshop - our first since 2019. Such massive upliftment can only happen together!

"In our 3 days together, we’ll play with the grand reunification of the ‘you’ you’ve known with the greater ‘YOU‘ you’ve always yearned for. There is a catalytic expansion of your energy field for breakthrough after breakthrough. Your entire human perspective will open up. You are new born.” - MARK

The Intensive will be EXPERIENTIAL! Through channeled meditations from MARK, and activations from ‘Grandmother’ Jonette you are taken to the highest dimensions of yourself. The transformation comes from your own knowing.

The hotel has beautiful park-like grounds so we can gather outside for exercises and ceremonies. We expect 100 people in person, so the energy is incredible! Most of all, these Intensives are FUN!!!

2022, the ‘Year of TRUTH,’ opens the higher gates of you.

These last months of 2022 provide massive downloads from our quantum selves into our human selves. This is the greatest shift in consciousness since December 21st, 2012. As our singular self integrates across the greater all-being, we require much adaptation, and reconstruction of new capacities, with the added challenge of integrating it all.

Heaven and Earth energies are actively connecting through each of us, making us living channels of transformation:

  • You may feel huge gifts and insights coming to you
  • At the same time, old wounds… including from other lives… are showing up to be transformed
  • Your heart and soul are opening, in spite of your wounds and fears
  • Old roadmaps on what to do now, are no longer valid
  • Yet, you boldly wake up everyday saying: "I AM doing this NOW!!!!"

"You will walk away being a living example, and therefore a midwife, to this emergence on Earth. Being YOU beyond ‘you’ gives birth to ‘WE beyond us’… and who knows what that may bring?” - MARK

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Euros:  777€

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"The MARK intensive was an enormous experience for me and still is. I needed to find the 'main switch' within me to change my life and not having to find 'solutions' for the different areas in my life. For me the MARK intensive did this. I connected to my ‘main switch’ to change my life in every different area. I am so connected with LOVE. I am so deeply in the feeling of 'all is well' now that in a way it doesn't really matter what is going to happen on the outside.”  



“The magic and wonderful outcome of this weekend was beyond words! I absolutely love every single hour of each day! My perception of life has changed. It's like something has finally clicked and I've realized that all the answers I was looking for are already within me. I feel light. I trust myself. I feel love and joy in my heart. The workshop was my 'Eureka' moment. The change happened in my body and in my presence, nothing to do with my head.”


the Netherlands

"This weekend was such a waking up and recognizing who I am, seeing in a different way!

I felt the healing and blending of all I searched for! There is a new soft happiness in everything around me. We don’t have to look for peace, because we become it ourselves. I can be more connected with the higher levels during the day and be more complete and balanced inside."


the Netherlnds

“After the weekend in Nijmegen a lot changed in myself. I do not hesitate any more, I know what is good and what not. I call it a miracle. The knowing gives my mind a rest.” 

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