Legends of the Ancient New Zealanders

Legends of the Ancient Ones — Before the Maori Arrived in New Zealand

Legends of the Ancient Ones - Before the Maori Arrived in New Zealand

by Jonette Crowley and Irene Groeneveld Dekker

It is generally thought that the Maori’s arrived by canoe in several waves from eastern Polynesia between 1250 and 1350 C.E. However, there are alternative viewpoints that say that people inhabited New Zealand well before that time. They are called the Waitaha ...and what about the people before that?

With the help of Irene Groeneveld Dekker, a Dutch woman who emigrated to New Zealand along with her young family, our group of New Zealand travellers in November will be able to have a very special evening with a renowned Maori elder—Dr. Rose Pere. The Universe REALLY supported this as she is exceedingly busy and we had only one night available!

I asked Irene if Rose is connected with the Waitaha—the ancient people ignored by historians, who lived peacefully on Aotearoa, the early name for New Zealand. This is Irene’s response:

"Kia Ora"

Maori greeting meaning “have a healthy/well life”

lake Pukaki New Zealand

Kia Ora, I will give you some answers on what I understand to be true.

Rose's connection to her ancestors dates back to over 12,000 years ago when one of the continents in the world, Hawaiiki, went mostly underwater. Aotearoa, or New Zealand as it has been known since 1769, was to stay above water and become the ‘Pulse of the Earth Mother’, or Hawaiiki Tautau, Lemuria or Mu in other languages. There were many who lived here then, including the Patupaiarehe (commonly referred to as the fairy people of NZ but of course being much more than that).

More recent migrations brought Waitaha and later Maori to the land. They have all become one tribe over time, willingly or unwillingly. This, of course, is not an easy subject here in NZ as there are many New Zealanders who are not aware of the older tribes that existed before their more current arrivals or do not want to go there. History books will not write about anything before the arrival of the Maori in their waka or canoes, and even though there are more and more traces of the people who came before being uncovered, there are also many attempts to cover them up.

What I do know to be true is that the Maori people of today hold the keys to the stewardship of New Zealand going into the future as they have access to the harmony and the tradition of their ancient lineage. There might be others who have been called her today that can assist with the changes to come, but the rituals, the words, the ceremonies come from the Maori people. There is something very special about their culture and language, it is the living heart of Aotearoa.

There is a beautiful series of books (starting with Song of the Circle) by Barry Brailsford that talks about the Waitaha and their arrival and presence in New Zealand and the great migrations that took place between the different continents. Also, Barry Brailsford was asked to write down the history of the Waitaha in connection with the Maori tribes, a special honour as this was not written down before.

I have talked to Rose about the Waitaha. She has been in touch with Barry Brailsford, or rather he with her. For her it is quite simple — the wisdom she brings forward comes from the ancient ones 12.000 years ago, not the more ‘recent’ arrivals of the Waitaha. The ancient people were peacekeepers and vegetarians, as she often says, and they were in harmony with the nature around them and worked in cooperation with nature. The old ones are connected to the star system Sirius, and a New Year celebration is being held for the rising of Sirius in the sky each year in Rose’s birthplace, Lake Waikaremoana. The ancient people had close connections to the Ancient Egyptians, and called them their brothers. In Egypt and other places in the world, this celebration is held yearly as well, as this was always the beginning of the new year. (Note from Jonette— the Aymara people in the Andes also celebrate the rising of Sirius.)

Personally I know the Waitaha to be people of a peaceful spirit who hold beautiful patterns and values. What I feel in my bones, is that my spiritual ancestors visited this land and stayed and connected with the ancient ones and the Patupaiarehe, as I have felt their combined footsteps leading me further into the mysteries of this land that has called me from my time of birth and has opened up for me.

Healing Energy in The Forests

Legends of the Ancient New Zealand

“It is clear to me that certain people are called here to New Zealand, for shorter or longer periods of time, and this has to do with the role this part of the Earth played in the past. There is very strong healing energy stored in the forests and the plants of this land, as this part of the world has some of the longest untouched, or touched in the gentlest of ways, bush and forest areas inhabited by birds. When I was tour guiding here, the people in my groups would always have a positive reaction to being here, and it would always bring about a greater sense of well being and alignment for them.

Personally, I have been working with the essences of the flowers, plants, and trees of NZ for well being, as I am a First Light flower essence practitioner and am currently finishing my Master Shaman diploma. These essences were developed by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber in co-operation with Dr. Rose Pere and were made with the full cooperation of the devic forces of NZ nature. Through my work with First Light, I came in touch with Rose and have joined her Ao Ako Global Learning team as we recognised each other and wanted to work together. I hope this has brought some clarity, but possibly more questions too.

About Dr. Rose Rangimarie Turuki Pere

Rose is a respected elder, healer and leader of the Maori community. She holds a place in her community, similar to that of the Dalai Lama. She was found in the same way that the Lamas are discovered in Tibet.

Rose sees this, “As a time of great change, a change that is bringing us to a new way of being together – a way that includes everyone as one human family.” It gives great hope to hear of this prophesy from Rose. She sees the changes that will bring us to this new more awakened place as already happening.


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