Finding Your Path; Getting Guidance and Clarity

What's Missing?

In this world of information, advice rains in on us from all directions. When we were young and needed guidance we would go to our parents, an older sibling, a friend. Today we scroll through the Internet to help decide what to do. Getting more confused with each website we visit.

If you’re like me, when you need to make an important decision, you’re ready and willing to take action, if only you knew which way to step. Clarity, not resolve is what’s missing. Without clarity we are paralyzed into inaction. “Always safer to stay where we are than risk a misstep,” seems to be our guiding principle.

What's Your Path?

More than three decades ago, before I knew anything about the spirit world, I was backpacking with friends through the Blue Mountains of Australia. As I hiked along the trail, a spirit world appeared beside me, much like a split screen television. I found myself simultaneously inhabiting my ordinary reality and a mystical, non-physical realm. In that other dimension a beautiful woman with long silver hair, dressed in white sat on a rock. Telepathically, she beckoned my etheric self to walk toward her and set my pack down. Her gaze lovingly filled me up. After several minutes of soul connection, the spirit woman indicated that I was to go. Because I was in the middle of a forest I asked her, “Which way do I go?”

She wouldn’t tell me which way to start out; only that it was time for me to leave. She spoke into my mind a phrase that has guided ever since.

Your path is made by walking.

Another way to look at this advice is simply to take some action— even without a clear direction.

If you're stuck, movement is more important than direction.

Let’s look at an example. When you hop on a bicycle you understand that you must first pedal to get the bike moving before you can turn the handlebars and set a new direction.

Embodied II

Clarity Starts with Clear Emotional and Mental Bodies

My Process

So that I am as clear as possible every day, I meditate in the morning for at least a few minutes before I get out of bed. I get up only when I am emotionally clear, light and happy. My process:

  • I focus on my heart space, imagining the love and peace I find there expanding throughout my body.
  • I savor that space for as long as I can.
  • I imagine connecting to all beings and realms who exist in this heart space and higher. This gives me a rush of support and connection to the highest possible beings and their guidance for my day.
  • I then focus my attention on the center of my head, my pineal gland. Radiating from this spot is a beautiful stillness or zero point field. This clears my thoughts and at the same time opens me up to intuition and higher guidance. The pineal gland helps open our third eye and our crown chakras.
  • Let yourself be bathed in gratitude. Gratitude keeps the doors to love, wisdom, and power open. Besides, everyone wants to be around a grateful person.

With practice, this never takes more than 5 minutes, though if I have time, I stay in this space as long as possible. The result is that I feel expanded, but centered and grounded. Even when I get up, I stay quiet as long as possible. No TV news. No checking my phone. I keep my mind in a still place. This non-frenzied quietness is perhaps the reason people get their best ideas in the shower.


Calm Openness is the Gateway to Clarity

Have you had a time when someone said something, or perhaps the words came out of your own mouth, and you got a rush of goosebumps? ‘Truth-bumps’ I call them. For me, when the truth is especially important the goosebumps are accompanied by immediate tears. Tears but no emotion. Just confirmation. This physical response is from our clear alignment at the moment to the flow of life force energy from the higher dimensions. It’s an indication that we are aligned to our highest good.

The moment of clarity not only excites the body physically but it provides the life force energy needed to take the action. The right decision always has energy to activate the right action. Always follow through on what feels true.

Five years ago I hadn't been following my inner truth. I had been married for 20 years and wasn’t happy about how constrained I had allowed myself to be in the marriage. But I always had reasons why divorce was not an option. Then in one moment, when my husband was yelling about something, my inner voice screamed, “I can't take another 20 years of this.” That was it. My higher self was no longer going to listen to my excuses. I needed to be divorced. At that moment of clarity the decision was easy. That clarity sustained me through all of the hardships and heartbreak of ending a 20 year relationship.

With practice you can sense when an action is in alignment, even without goosebumps. You simply feel which choice is clear, lighter, more uplifting. That’s an indication that Universal energy will support your action.

I use this method to decide where I should travel and what I should teach. I get quiet and imagine myself in that decision. Does it feel good? Do I feel energy when I imagine myself there? Or does it feel sticky, unclear, heavy when I project myself into a particular future choice? I use this method daily, often without noticing it.

Last winter I was invited snowmobiling in the Colorado Rockies. My adventurous self immediately thought, “That sounds like great fun.” But as I felt into it, I couldn’t ‘see’ myself there. Listening to that inner feeling I declined the invitation. My boyfriend wanted to know, “Why?” But when we listen to our inner clarity it doesn’t have a why. The soul's wisdom doesn’t need an explanation.

Dialogue with Your Higher Self

Don't wait for a Spirit Guide or Ascended Master to give you advice. Carry on a continual conversation with your higher-self. "Should I go here? Should I have salmon for dinner? What color should I wear today? Is there anyone I should phone this evening? What should I do first for my work?" Again, with practice, you'll notice that you're always asking questions.

People often wonder why they don't get clear answers. It's because they're not asking questions. Also, be sure the questions you are asking yourself are forward focused. The answers to these questions will always lead you into a positive future. Don't ask, “Why can't I keep a relationship?” or “Why can’t I lose weight?” The answers to these questions are negative and unempowering. These kinds of questions keep you focused in yesterday, not today or tomorrow. The best questions to use in your dialogue either start with “How?” Or “What?” “What specifically can I do in my relationship?” “What specifically do I need to do differently to lose weight?” You're higher self wants to give you guidance on everything.


In 2018, more than ever before, our future is unwritten. 10 years ago, when I did readings I could see perhaps 3 years into the future. Several years ago I could be fairly accurate up to 18 months. Now… maybe 6 months.

People are awakening so quickly that our higher vibrations are nullifying old soul contracts, agreements, missions, etc. Those birth agreements may have been valid to get us to where we are today, but we are bridging into quantum realities. Our choices now are non-linear, more miraculous.

More than ever before we have no clear path to follow. You make your path by walking.


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