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Eclipse Time- A HUGE Chance to Change Old Patterns!

Activations as Catalysts

This is the time to become self-activating, a major opportunity to change old, deeply held patterns. The activations coming this year have more than power. They carry a harmonizing affect that instantly reformats what was unsettled into a higher pattern of beauty and comprehension. Each activation lifts you to a new level of understanding and being. Think of activations as catalysts... a kick in the butt from your spirit to move you more confidently forward. Initially you may not even feel an activation, as more often than not they operate in the realm of knowing rather than sensing.

  • You walk differently
  • You are more clear
  • More decisive
  • You hold a quiet calmness

I am writing about activations because I’ve had a slew of them recently: in Stonehenge, reactivating a sun disc in Avebury, an Excalibur activation (that I’m now including in my workshops), in Transylvania we activated an ancient golden sun disc.

You don’t have to traipse around the world. It can happen in the swift thrust of clarity when you’re connecting to nature, or an energy impulse that brings tears to your eyes as you meditate.


“You are here to fulfill your lives’ purpose—much bigger than this incarnation. Much bigger even than your humanness.” - MARK

In this ‘Year of Activations,’ this summer is a vortex of activity. The overriding theme of the summer is standing in your power; self-responsibility, self-determination and sovereignty.

This period, anchored by the three eclipses in a row—July 15 partial solar, July 27 total lunar, August 11 partial solar—is a hastening of karma. Your old ways of reacting have become dysfunctional. Try to understand suffering as a dysfunctional reaction to a dysfunctional world. THIS is the time to detach from it!

What this means is that MAJOR opportunities for personal growth will pop up in your life. They present themselves as  obstacles, problems, failures, a health issue… any events that "push your buttons.” Your choice is to follow your old habit of reaction, whatever it is— blame, worry, drama, fear…; OR lift your awareness so you can treat the event consciously this time.

The choice for growth when we are activated by life is between reacting in the old way, or being aware so we can use the opportunity to create new pathways of response.


Choose Awareness, Not Reaction

In the last few weeks, I've seen friends and clients confront major, repeating issues, but this time they consciously make a new choice. This creates amazing, irrevocable growth that can set you on a whole new trajectory of fulfillment.

This summer can be a huge opportunity for growth. However, if you are just reacting and not aware, it will be a minefield for you. Consider yourself warned.????

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