Reflections from the Camino – Part II

Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, It will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.”

― John O’Donohue from Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom 

Here is a compilation of my daily pictures and facebook postings from Week 2 of my walk from Portugal to Spain on the Camino Santiago de Compostela.  Thanks for being a part of this journey and my love to all of you for your encouraging comments, facebook likes and energetic connections!  May you all follow your soul’s path – wherever it may lead you!

Day 12 JC meditating

“Grace fills me up in this infinite moment” – Jonette at the completion of the Camino


Day 7 of the Camino


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – H.S. Haskins

Late now so will post more tomorrow. Was in the flow all day. Ended with a beer and even the photo was great! ????

Sending you all blessings and hugs from the Camino!!


Day 8 on the Camino

day 8

“The Camino’s synchronistic magic showed up a couple of times “

Sometimes you can feel that the path is on ancient lei lines or power spots, and sometimes the energy is dead and it’s just a path. I noticed that the hotspots are often around churches, and the ancient cobbled paths through the forests.

Yesterday, the Camino’s synchronistic magic showed up a couple of times in quick succession. Along the Way a man on a bicycle stopped to ask if we needed help. He wanted to write down the addresses of some places to stay in the next town. Right there on the ground was a clean, white piece of cardboard… perfect for writing… Just when he needed it. It turns out that he is the guy who made the online maps that we have used for the Portuguese coastal Camino! THE expert was there on his bike when we needed him!

Then we stopped for our normal lunch of cheese, canned sardines and bread. After lunch, I popped my last piece of gum into my mouth, silently thinking “I’ll need to get more gum.” Five minutes later a man who was outside working in his yard wished us the standard “Buen Camino!” Then, “Wait, one minute.” He ran to his car, got out a packet of gum and handed it to me! You just can’t make this stuff up!????

Today we took it a little easier, stopping for beautiful local food at a farm/café in the country. Anne and Nico split off from Michael and me as they want to make more distance every day. With just two of us it freed us up to stay in a hotel instead of a pilgrim’s hostel. I am so grateful to not need my sleeping bag and to have a hair dryer!

Now we’re off to find tapas and red wine!
Thanks for being part of this journey with me! (Hope your feet weren’t too sore today… I have to admit that one ankle hurt just a little bit)


Day 9 of the Camino


“I had the feeling that we would pass through a golden gate that would be a breakthrough for even greater abundance”

Day 9 mineral springsMy legs are more sore but there’s more joy in my steps. It was a beautiful and warm sunny day! My Swedish friend Mikael and I worked with the golden energies of the path. At one point Michael, who is clairvoyant too, ‘saw’ radiant beings behind us. All part of the team! It is fun to compare notes with what we are sensing on the road as we walk. I got that we would pass through a golden gate that would be a breakthrough for even greater abundance. I recognized it when we came to a grape arbor that we walked under, some of the autumn leaves gold in the sun. The abundance was there in beautiful bunches of perfectly ripe grapes! It was such a lovely physical metaphor!

There are more pilgrims now since we are only three days out from Santiago. After staying at simple auberges, tonight we opted for a hotel that has a natural thermal whirlpool!


Day 10 of the Camino


We just kept walking today. Sometimes it was through beautiful woods. And a little bit through less than lovely industrial areas. The autumn is so rich and vibrant here. Grapes still hang on some vines. Farmers are cutting down their corn stalks. Pumpkins are turning orange in the fields. Everywhere is the scent of fallen leaves. Again it was sunny and warm.Day 10 pumpkinsLast night I heard the name ‘Steven’ in my mind. “Who is Steven,” I asked, getting no answer. The first thing today we met a solo pilgrim…an Englishman. His name– Steven. He joined Mikael and me. Still don’t know the significance but I trust it is fulfilling a higher purpose.

May I brag just a bit? Both my companions are super fit men in their 40’s. Mikael climbs mountains in Norway and Steven is an ultra- marathoner. At the end of our long day’s walk I’m doing better than both of them.????Day 10 white horse

The sweetest memory from today was watching an old white horse and his best friend– a young calf walking down the road together. No human in sight, just the two of them out for a stroll.


Day 11 of the Camino


“It seems so clear now that life really is about the journey and never about the destination”

Pilgrimage completed!  We walked several hours before the sun rose today so we could make it to Santiago de Compostela by noon.  220 km plus walking over 11 days brought us to this cathedral in Spain. Thousands of other pilgrims converged here for the daily pilgrim’s mass. We couldn’t understand the Spanish words, but the feeling of having accomplished something was there within each of our hearts. We each walked this Way with the help of the others who were there to share a laugh, point us in the right direction, or simple call out “Buen Camino!”day 11 having a coke

Reaching Santiago made me feel sad that the walking is over, yet happy to have reached the destination. I feel lighter. I have clarity on the next book that I will write. It seems so clear now that life really is about the journey and never about the destination. The end point just gives us the reason for the journey.

Tonight we celebrated with sangria and paella in the lively town center of Santiago. Following the coastal road from Porto, Portugal to here in Spain has been such a treasure!Day 11 Dinner in Santiago

Buen Camino or ‘Good Way’ to you!


Day 12 of the Camino


“Time to just be – enjoying each moment for what it offers without needing to explain it or expect anything else”

A sunny Sunday in Finesterra, Spain — the ‘End of the World’

day 12 0 km marker in FinisterreFor many people the Camino does not end in Santiago de Compostela, but further at the most western point of Europe. Michael and I didn’t have time to walk the three days here so we took a bus along the lovely coast. Spiritually, it felt that every thing came together on the bus ride. I could easily lift to a high space of well-being, tranquility and light. I’m asking that the change be deep and permanent. Grace fills me up in this infinite moment.

The beautiful, warm day felt like a reward for our trek. We enjoyed time on a beach watching the powerful waves roll in. Then we walked to the lighthouse and the Cape at the edge of the world.

It felt wonderful to stay in a nice hotel, eat great seafood, and not have to carry a backpack anywhere! Yet it’s clear that we are still pilgrims because we are wearing our smelly hiking clothes. (Somehow washing things out by hand in the sink just does not get them clean.)

The Camino has been an adventure. The pace has allowed the time to just be, enjoying each moment for what it offers without needing to explain it or expect anything else. Someone asked if I would do another Camino. I doubt it –  as there are so many things to explore in this world and so many journeys to walk.

Blessings and love from the end of the world!


Day 13- Back in Santiago


“Personal vanity fades away on the Camino”

Officially my Camino journey is over. Today I arrived in Santiago de Compostela for the second time, but this time on a bus from Finesterra.

There was a funny thing that happened this week that has nothing to do with walking or spiritual growth. I carried in my backpack a cheap plastic brush because it is light weight. In one hotel we stayed at there was the luxury of a blow dryer. A really hot blow dryer… While I was trying to straighten my naturally curly hair the unthinkable happened… My cheap plastic hair brush melted into my hair! Now globs of black plastic were permanently stuck to my hair! I had never seen anything like this! I didn’t imagine that it could happen!

It took hours to pick the plastic out of my hair! Admittedly I look pretty bad now… No globs of plastic but I haven’t used a brush or comb for three days. Personal vanity fades away on the Camino. That’s part of it’s charm. No. I did not take a picture of me with the brush melted into my hair. This picture is from the beach this morning in between rainstorms.


Day 14 –  Leaving Spain

It is disconcerting to get on a bus in Santiago to Porto, Portugal and travel for only four hours to cover the distance that it took us 11 days to walk. I’m stronger now in many ways. The backpack seems so light now as I toss it in the bus. I imagine it’ll be another few days before my feet stop aching.

Last night we took the subway into the center of Porto… of course to taste some port. ????I’ve found the Portuguese people so helpful and friendly. Sunny spirits in a sunny land.  I’m at the airport now on my way to Warsaw to teach Soul Body Fusion and a Mark channeled workshop to my wonderful friends there.

Join me in person for my next spiritual adventure



 I’ve learned that travel always expands us heart and soul!

My next spiritual adventure trip is a group tour–the Great American Southwest in May with Grand Chief Woableza along to give us the native perspective. The itinerary and details are available on my website


untitled-6132 26About Jonette:  Jonette, known as a ‘Spiritual Indiana Jones’, is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She has traveled to over 80 countries and has led spiritual tours to almost every continent.  She is an internationally known channel, oracle, spiritual teacher and author of the best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide ‘MARK’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.  Please see her websites for more information,

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