Dis-illusion: Shamballa II Transcripts


Transcripts for 8-class course in pdf format.

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Shamballa Consciousness - Part III DESIGN

The 11th Dimension

Zoom Recordings from Oct-Dec 2020

Shamballa Consciousness The 11th Dimension

“The 11th Dimension has been unattainable before this time, but now the Earth is on a different trajectory. Not only a New Earth, but a New Universe.”  -  MARK

Shamballa Consciousness, unattainable and even unimaginable until now, is the reconnection of our physical world to a higher realm that once was connected to Earth, but has since been moved into the etheric plane. MARK has been working for over 30 years to bring us through the Gates of Shamballa, the next breakthrough for human consciousness. The 11th dimension can’t be experienced as a subset. It is infinity without barriers. What is shifting now is that your self is being uploaded into the cosmos in its entirety.

Dis-illusion: Part II

“The more you come to truth, the more the bridges you have built to untruth fall away.”  - MARK
From Part I: Discovery to Part II: Dis-Illusion, we peel away the blindfolds; moving out of illusion and limitation. The speed of spiritual evolution quickens as new senses beyond the world of impermanence are awakened. Passing through the gates of Shamballa, we move into the flow of embodied ascension. Together realizing the cosmic dance of Allness, receiving breakthroughs unimaginable.

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