Anonymous Generosity

Today my nephew deploys to serve his country as a Soldier. This has been his dream since he was in high school and the 9/11 tragedy hit. Although I am not military-minded, I honor his passion.  Last week family and friends from all over the state gathered to wish him ‘Godspeed’, which evidently is an old-fashioned term for good luck when you are embarking on a journey.  The festivities were held at one of his favorite spots, a small local brewery in Golden.
   This is the part of my story that warms my heart and reminds me how surprisingly generous people can be –The beer and drinks flowed freely, as there were nearly 70 guests.   When my sister went to pay the rather large bar tab, she was told, “It’s okay, it has been taken care of.”  It seems a patron of the brewery who was watching the celebration, anonymously paid for ALL THE DRINKS FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT!  No one knew the man or knows why he gave so generously to a young soldier who was shipping out for the first time.   
There are so many opportunities to pay-it-forward!  
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