Welcome to Connecting Heaven and Earth — Torus Body Movement for the Alignment of Worlds with Jonette Crowley and Andieas Hofman

 This movement is important for any alignment, including aligning to the power of an eclipse. Jonette Crowley ‘received’ this movement as she walked on a  lava field in Iceland, after she had descended into the heart of an extinct volcano. Please feel the power of the inner Earth as you watch the 2 minute video below that Jonette recorded inside the volcano!

Jonette in Volcano

Northern Iceland

She was asking to connect to the Inner Earth beings and align all worlds.  Andieas Hofman a Tai Chi Master from Switzerland demonstrates the movement. There are 3 different videos of the movement for you to enjoy. 

Andieas Torus Body Movement

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If you want to simply watch to the movement videos LEFT click on each video below

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Feel the power of the inner Earth as you watch this video recorded in the heart of an extinct volcano

Jonette’s Explanation of the Torus Body Movement, taken from a  MARK class, while Andieas demonstrates on a Swiss mountain top

Four Keys to Multidimensional Movement - Here Andieas distills 33 years of teaching Tai Chi into an explanation of the movements

Music and Movement - Once you’ve listened to the explanations, this video you can watch again and again, doing the Torus Body Movement with Andieas while enjoying the music and scenery

Andieas has been teaching HeartSpirit Tai Chi and QuantumHeartMovement for 33 years, did Tai Chi Dance performances with many musicians and worked with the audience in conferences like the Lee Carroll Kryon conferences. QuantumHeartMovement.com

Please do not share these videos.  Copyright 2017 www.JonetteCrowley.com.

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