Audio Download Restrictions

Maximum 10 downloads per file

Download links expire after 160 days.

MP3 files cannot be loaded directly to an IOS device due to Apple restrictions. Audio files can be download on to a MAC and synched to your ipad or iphone using itunes or other media players.  If you do not have a computer you can save to a cloud service (ie dropbox, google) or use a 3rd party app available in your device's app store.

Audio File Download Instuctions

Download Instructions to your computer

We provide our audio files in a MP3 format the most widely used audio format.

Before you begin downloading the Media Files to your computer we advise you to disable any firewalls that you have running. This has been the number 1 problem with our customers in receiving the entire downloaded audio file(s).

Exact downloading procedures depend on your computer type (ie MAC or PC) and your default media player but the concept should be the same.


Click on button or link to bring up your audio playerdownload-player

(screenshot from a MAC using Chrome)

Left-click on 3 dots on the right side to bring up the automatic download button.


Right-click on 3 dots to bring up an expanded menu. This allows you to choose where you want it saved on your computer and what you would like it named. You will need to remember the directory where you saved these downloads so that you can access them.

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