It is the most life-changing 20 minutes you can spend!

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Soul Body Fusion® The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond!

Thank you for joining me on Healing Wednesday with Lee and Monika. Since I was only able to give you a brief taste of the energies of Soul Body Fusion®,  my free gift is a Personalized Fusion. 

You'll feel the difference this simple process makes to re-align you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When you register to get this link, I will be personally informed, so that I can add my direct focus on YOU and your Soul Body Fusion.

with Love & Light, Jonette

Personal Soul Body Fusion Transmission from Jonette Crowley

The quick video below is an introduction to Jonette and the Soul Body Fusion® process. The important thing isn't what you feel at the time, it is that your body becomes more aligned to the higher frequencies of your Soul or higher self. You become more clear, more magnetic, and more centered in your power.

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YOUR FREE GIFT from Jonette a full Soul Body Fusion® session with me as if I'm actually sitting in front of you touching your hands. You will receive a downloadable audio Soul Body Fusion® transmission that is energetically personalized from Jonette to you!

Fill out the information below to join our mailing list and to receive your Personalize Soul Body Fusion® consisting of:

  1. A short introduction and instructions. (You only need to hear this once)
  2. A 10-minute Soul Body Fusion® transmission: Phase 1 of a full session.
  3. A 10-minute Soul Body Fusion® transmission: Phase 2 of a full session. (If you only have 10 minutes or less just listen to the Phase 1 transmission.)
  4. A bonus track of a Soul Body Fusion® transmission designed for you to do remotely for family and friends.

Personalized Soul Body Fusion® Transmission

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What People Are Saying About Soul Body Fusion®

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I felt the shift like I never felt it before. I could feel my whole life change in a matter of a few weeks. Now I feel that all the density is transformed by my own light and love in my body. Before I was not able to hold that divine light



US Icon

Before the broadcast, I wasn't feeling that great....and now I feel energized! During the Fusion, I felt the tiny champagne bubbles in my hands and feet. And toward the end of the fusion lots of sensations at the base of my neck. I saw and gold hearts.


California, USA

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I immediately felt pulsating sensations in my hands and an overall lightness. Then I could "sense" flashing white light on the backs of my eyelids. Then I basically felt like I was in the middle of receiving a sonar wave.

Lee Ann


Jonette gave you a taste of the Soul Body Fusion® process...

If you would like to learn more about Soul Body Fusion® click below to watch a video transmission from Jonette, order the book, find a teacher in your area or purchase energized Solar Grail Jewelry.

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