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Special Message from Ashtatara

Ashtatara came through unexpectedly on September 23, 2011.  Here is what she said:   Behold! I am Ashtatara!  There comes...

Mark: Meditation for freedom

 It is when you release yourself from the contrasts, the poles, the conflict, and the opposition, that you free yourself...

Mark: You Are a Creator of Love

 Feel the goodness of your heart and soul unfettered, that there are no limitations to the goodness you can be...

Mark: Meditation for Quantum Love and Creativity

Welcome to the kaleidoscope of being. This is Mark.  Everything you can conceive of, when it comes from your heart,...

Mark: Love, thoughts, and creativity

Love is the path. It’s the markers. It’s the destination and the cause. We’re speaking specifically about connecting intrinsically, essentially...

Mark: Meditation for Transformation

Welcome to the X-Games. We are looking at great transformation as the theme from now until the end of the...

Five Fingers of Spiritual Leadership- Channeled from White Eagle

White Eagle:  With your hands raised, radiating outward to the world, your five fingers of your right hand describe five...

The Light and Power of Love

More than a decade ago I had the pleasure of teaching “Awakening Your Light Body” and Mark’s work to a...
Jonette Crowley

10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling

10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling By Jonette Crowley  Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley  Jonette Crowley is an internationally known channel of...

Jonette Crowley

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Founder of The Center for Creative Consciousness.  Author of Soul Body Fusion®, The Eagle & The Condor. Jonette is a Modern Day Mystic - a Channel, Oracle & Shaman. She is known as the "Spiritual Indiana Jones" for her travels around the world teaching workshops and leading tours to sacred places. 

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