Let Go of Unhappy!

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley

From the ‘MARK’ Course – “Joy, Bliss, Happiness”

Blessings Beloved Ones, this is White Eagle.

Happiness isn’t something that happens to you; it is a choice at every moment. 

So the first great leap is into happiness without proof, without support, without evidence – just because you choose it as the pattern for your future. 

You may say, “Sounds great, but I would be happy except for what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow.”  In this present moment, let go of the weight of yesterday and the burden of tomorrow to make you feel weightless. Weightlessness is much more joyful than you are used to.

Happiness Quote by White EagleSo – how shall we begin? We realize that in order to get humans to joy, bliss, and happiness, we first need to get you to neutral—to being not, not joyful; not, not blissful; and not unhappy—to unwind and unburden you from the truths, the memories that hold you back and make you weary. We begin with a journey of unwinding – of unwinding those bits of yourself that keep you stuck in the ruts of unhappiness.  We lift you on a pogo stick, a magic carpet, above mass consciousness and its waves of unhappiness.

First of all we would like to talk about the history of “Unhappiness 101.”  Unhappiness has been used to justify action—“I will do this so I become less unhappy.”  Humans actually move more quickly from unhappiness to happiness.  Unhappiness has been a way of rulers having power.  If they hold the keys to happiness or the illusionary keys to happiness, and you are feeling unhappy and powerless, the rulers then can take the power and the joy that is yours.  It has a history from the beginning of mankind.

Unhappiness is a weight from yesterday so let us first unwind yesterday, and then we will help you unwind tomorrow.  So move into that secret passage in your heart that seems to be the place of magic.  It seems to be the door that you say “open sesame” or the lamp that you rub and the genie comes out.  So find that space of magic and happiness.  {pause}

The space can feel a bit frivolous rather than serious.  There’s no gravity here.  It feels weightless.  {pause}

alice-in-wonderlandPerhaps it feels like a tea party with Alice in Wonderland.  So right now we’re going to transmit some energies of release—some energies of magic, of make-believe. Believe in magic. Just believe. Move into that secret passage in your heart that is the energy of magic. Go to a space of colors and silliness!  Be a frivolous ‘Alice or Alex  in Wonderland.   Unwind the unhappiness of yesterday. Make space for happiness and a foundation for creating the future.  Arrive at weightlessness, neutral freedom! Ready?  Get Set!  Go!

These energies will help unwind the heaviness, the drama, the things that you worry about, the things that you believe keep you from smiling all of the time.  And even if you are happy all of the time, we ask you to be part of this for the rest of mankind who are not quite as happy as you are.  So we’re asking you to take this journey—not just for you but for opening joy, bliss, and happiness for your brothers and sisters.  So make believe in magic. {pause}

Remember things are weightless.  {pause}

fairy-dust-on-pathYou are a time traveler. Turn and look at your path behind you. See great stones along the path that you have already trod.  The stones are all the things that have caused you upset or anger, disturbed your equilibrium, or taken away your happiness.  Now from the point of view of the here and now, imagine that you are spraying light, rainbows, golden fairy dust upon the path you’ve already walked, releasing you from the burdens you have carried along that path.  Turn the stones into fairy dust and watch them change and drift away – either one at a time, or whole groups of stones at a time.  Use all the magic and imagination at your disposal; sing or laugh the past away, blast it into outer space – whatever works!  Just do it! 

Now, look at your feet on a clean, clear path.  You are free!  Feel the perfection of your soul! Celebrate! 

We’re noticing, actually, that a lot of other souls—a lot of other humans are putting their stuff, their past, in your path so you can clear it too.  So with no effort and only ringing joy clear their path—their past path of their heaviness and worries and burdens that they’ve carried. Bring any helpers you wish.  There is no need to do it alone.  {pause}

Even while this is happening, focus on your body.  Feel how your cells are lighter.  The colors, or fairy dust, move into your cells repelling the heavy burdens of the past—the worries that you’ve carried for so long.  Brighten your cells with a vibration that attracts only joy and transforms that which is not.  {pause}

Imagine that somehow with your imagination and with magic you can blast everything that’s heavy away from the future—yours and from people across the globe. Using whatever helpers, whatever magic comes to mind, being silly and childlike as you unwind and release the future from the burdens that you sometimes carry.  {pause}

igniteFind yourself becoming brighter, fiery, weightless, ignited—whatever words are there for you.  Feel it in your bodies.  {pause}

Our goal and that of ‘MARK’ is to unhinge the conditions upon your happiness because the world might never be operating just perfectly. So, if your happiness is dependent upon the perfect operation of the world, it might be a long life.  So we’re going to work to help you find and strengthen this pillar of joy and bliss and happiness within you of uncaused well-being, of divinity— so that no matter what the vicissitudes of life bring you, this core is unchallenged and always supported. 

By the way, your core is happy, and you just let go of unhappy.  Tap your inner Joy!

This is White Eagle.

Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley

Excerpted from the course “Joy, Bliss, Happiness” channeled from White Eagle and ‘MARK’  to purchase the audio download or CD of the entire 8 week course click here

This and other channeled audios from White Eagle and ‘MARK’ can be heard for free in our “Listening Room.”.  Full Courses, Meditations, Books and Transcripts are also available for purchase at www.JonetteCrowley.com 


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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness. www.JonetteCrowley.com, www.SoulBodyFusion.com

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  1. Meryn Callander on April 3, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    I have listened to and LOVED so many of the free audios. Thank you so, so much for making those freely available. Many I have listened to over and over and over…. truly… they just keep taking me deeper and deeper and I just love them, and where they take me inside myself. I am awake for several hours during the night… which is not a problem for me… and I listen to them then. I find slowly but surely, I am able to “awaken” or tap into at least a little of those energies myself in my more “conscious” life. I have three questions. Firstly, it says end this post: This and other channeled audios from White Eagle and ‘MARK’ can be heard for free in our “Listening Room.”. Full Courses, Meditations, Books and Transcripts are also available for purchase at http://www.JonetteCrowley.com (http://www.jonetteCrowley.com)

    But I don’t seem able to find/see that one. I would love to!!!!

    After a year or so of listening to the free audios and the one I purchased as I think a Beyond the Ordinary special offer, I purchased the latest Mark Class from you. I have loved it! I have not received the eigth lesson. It may be that its not yet been done—which is fine with me, I’m still replaying the others—but I’m checking that I didnt miss it, as it seems a longer than usual gap between lessons.

    Final question: can I listen to other programs concurrently? i.e. can i listen to one of Marks and then one of another person in the same 24 hours? Or would they “interfere” with each other?

    Thank you


    • Jonette Crowley on April 16, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      That is wonderful that you have been enjoying the free meditations in the listening and viewing room. We put them there so people can sample the work and see if they enjoy it and it sounds like you have been enjoying it. 🙂

      As for your questions:

      1. I apologize that we no longer have the Joy, Bliss, Happiness audio in the free listening room, There are so many powerful ‘MARK’ classes that it’s hard to choose!. It is still available for purchase as a CD or audio. We do not have ALL of MARK’s work available online however if you are interested in any of the older classes, Just let me know and we can get it for you.

      2. The 8th class of the current course was on April 11th and you will not get the download via email until about a week after the course. Upon signing up for the course, you should have got a confirmation letter that has all the dates for the course and when to expect the download link. You can always check the website to see when the next MARK class is. It is on the sidebar on almost every page, under Jonette’s USA events and of course it is mentioned in all the current course products and related webpages.

      3. There isn’t any interference if you are doing other work, meditations, processes. MARK’S work integrates nicely with whatever other activities you are doing and the powerful energies should enhance all your practices. So no need to worry about that. Spiritual growth comes in many forms 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to write – with Love & Light Julie (Jonette’s Assistant)

  2. Ahlers Vobejda on March 30, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Fun to read this one! I recall trying to reduce this wonderful content last year and sending it off to you for further editing. I hope to return to such tasks one day. I hope you have been healthy on your travels. I am maybe finally over a 3 week cough/cold/misery, just as we are heading to Miami Beach next week, followed by Tarra’s and NYC. Back on April 20th. Have a wonderful weekend series and ease of travel home. Lots of love, Jarla

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