An Introduction to Multi-Dimensionality

Jonette introduces her Dancing Through Dimensions series with 2 free videos

Exploring Our Multi-Dimensional Nature

 An introduction to Jonette's 30 years of experiential research into the higher dimensions of consciousness and where we are now in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

2018 The Year of Activations Q & A with 'MARK'

 Jonette channels answers from MARK about these times - World strife, balancing feminine and masculine, global warming, our children, spiritual evolution and the 5th Dimension, and much more.

Are you ready to be Multi-Dimensional? MARK's energy allows you actually experience the first 10 Dimensions and become a quantum traveler as you explore Sacred Geometry, Holographic Consciousness, Quantium Still Point, and Universal Connectivity!

Once you experience this you will never be the same - So come dance with Jonette and MARK.

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