Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia

(Jonette recently visited these pyramids to do research for her 2015 group tour there.)

sun pyramidThe Valley of the Pyramids in the town of Visoko, not far from Sarajevo, is the site of a pyramid complex that includes an ancient tunnel system, dated to at least 24,000 years ago! The discovery was made in 2005 by Dr. Semir Osmanagich ("Dr. Sam"), a world expert in pyramids. It shows that advanced civilizations once flourished in these lands. The pyramids were free energy generators. In fact a continuous beam of high energy has been measured coming out of the summit of the Pyramid of Sun. The tunnels below have healing properties--the air in the tunnels is highly oxygenated, has high negative ionization, and has healing levels of electromagnetism. We can only guess about who built this complex and for what purposes. We do know that in ages past the miles of tunnels were intentionally filled in, the entrances closed. Could our less enlightened ancestors have begun to misuse the powers here? Could the tunnels have been filled for our greater protection? It is now the time to reclaim hidden power and knowledge?pyramid2

To listen to my interview from Bosnia of Dr. Semir Osmanagich, the researcher who discovered the existence of the pyramids and is now excavating the tunnels, go to the May archives at It is a fascinating interview that you will enjoy.

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Top of Pyramid with sun copy

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