Ascension Activation Trilogy All 3


A series of 3 Activations with Grandmother Jonette

  1.  8/8 Lion’s Gate on August 8
  2.  Equinox on September 22
  3.  Solstice on December 21

All Activations via Zoom at 12:00 pm Mountain/20:00 Central European

  • Ascension Trilogy #1 Lions Gate

    "Opening to Receive", an activation to embody this year's creational energies

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  • Ascension Trilogy #2 Equinox

    Wed, September 22 at noon MDT/ 20:00 CEST on zoom

    "What You Came Here For" an activation to support you in moving from fears to dreams.

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  • Ascension Trilogy #3 Solstice

    "Moving out of the Matrix", an activation to take you beyond hierarchy, polarity, and conflict

    Recorded on Dec 21 Solstice. Download the Video & Audio

    Buy All 3 together and Save $20



Ascension Activations Trilogy:

By Grandmother Jonette

Utilizing this year's creational energies for a massive stellar reconnection

3 Special Activations on 3 Powerful Days

Grandmother Jonette will draw on her lineage as a Shaman of the Sun, and the guidance of White Eagle and MARK to bring you to the highest, most supportive level attainable so you can activate your own unique codes of love, wisdom, and power. This is the time to live your own Mastery!

#1)  Sunday, August 8
8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal:  Rising of Sirius

"Opening to Receive"

Ancient civilizations have always honored this time of year when Sirius rises in the morning with the sun. This Activation is about opening to receive. It is a massive stellar reconnection as we are lifted through the portal of Sirius, often called the “Gateway of Heaven.” More than a spiritual reset, this year is bringing rebirth. Jonette will channel an Activation that will enable you to embody the immense creational energies that are flowing into Earth through the end of 2021.

#2)  Wednesday, September 22

"What You Came Here For"

This Activation will help you take the infinite energies from 8/8 and download new templates for personal and planetary Ascension. It will include a new re-balancing of your left and right brain to support you in moving from fears to dreams. You will be invited to release what hasn’t supported your dreams as you get clear about what you came here for. The focus will be on feeling unlimited.

 #3) Tuesday, December 21

"Moving out of the Matrix"

Our spirit has been crushed in the old hierarchical matrix of power and control. In this Activation, we will be taken to the world beyond hierarchy, polarity, and conflict. Seeding our soul more permanently in the reality beyond the ‘Door of the 8th Seal.” Here we are reunited with high beings dedicated to the liberation of humanity from the confines of our own ego-created reality.


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